F1: Top Team Race Cars are “Too” Reliable

F1: Top Team Race Cars are “Too” Reliable

F1: Top Team Race Cars are ‘Too” Reliable


FIA President Jean Todt believes too much money is being spent by the Top Teams to make their cars last for the vast majority of the season.

Lewis Hamilton became only the 3rd driver in F1 history after Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher to win a World Championship and complete every single lap of the season in the process.

While Mr. Todt acknowledges Mr. Hamilton did not make any mistakes, he thinks he had too much of a powerful car at his disposal.

“Hamilton did not make any mistakes, but he also had an incredibly strong car, strong in terms of performance and reliability,” Mr. Todt told reporter in Germany Saturday.

“Even if the Mercedes was not always the fastest, Lewis scored points in 20 of the 20 Grands Prix. The cars are too reliable.”

“Ferrari impressed me as well, but I stay with what I said: Ferrari and Mercedes were too reliable.

“That costs money. Tests, simulators, it’s all too much. We don’t need all of that for a good sport. Actually, the contrary.”

Mr. Todt also admitted that talks are currently taking place about a compromise between what existing and potential new manufacturers want from the Y 2021 engine rules.

“The current engines are too expensive, too complicated and too quiet,” he admitted.

“But we can build on them. We are currently talking to the manufacturers about an evolution of the current engines. The process is not finished yet.”

Mr. Todt is now in his 3rd term as FIA Fresident.

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