F1: MercedesAMG Fears Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) as The Scuderia Comes Back to Life

F1: MercedesAMG Fears Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) as The Scuderia Comes Back to Life

F1: MercedesAMG Fears Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) as The Scuderia Comes Back to Life


Saturday, Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) President Sergio Marchionne says he is happy The Scuderia is now “feared” by its top F1 competitor MercedesAMG.

Ferrari’s lead team driver Sebastian Vettel is leading the world championship following the opening 4 rounds of 2017 Formula 1 world championship.

“We have made significant progress,” CEO Marchionne told the Italian media.

“Some would call our recovery miraculous compared to 2016,” he added.

“Ferrari is competitive once again and feared by our adversaries in Stuttgart,” he said, clearly referring to MercedesAMG.

This years points leader 4X world champion, Sebastian Vettel  has return to the Top in Formula 1..

“I think Spain will be a very close race between Mercedes and us, and I also hope that Red Bull find some pace,” said Mr. Vettel, who won all 4 of his titles for the energy drink-owned team.

“There’s a lot of rumors around. They are a strong team, they know how to build a quick car so I expect it’s a question of when rather than if.”

Team Red Bull is currently in 3rd position in the standings with 57 points.

What we are looking for in Spain next weekend

Ferrari has done exceptionally well to produce such a competitive car from where it was last season.

This season, anything less than a decent step up mid-season on aerodynamics and engine and the balance could start to shift.

What Ferrari has in its favor is the way it uses the new generation Pirelli tires, especially the softer end of the range. The MercedesAMC cars have a narrower operating window for the tires, whereas the Ferrari has more width. MercedesAMG is at a disadvantage here.

For Spain Pirelli has chosen the harder tires, despite the fact that in Winter testing teams were using the ultrasoft and supersoft tires happily. The ultrasoft is probably not the right tire for this coming weekend but a selection of supersoft -soft – medium would have made for a more interesting racing. Stay tuned…

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 82.48 5 May 2017 1.02 81.68 82.53 81.41 786,400
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.45) Bullish (0.44) Bullish (0.46) Bullish (0.46)

Have a terrific weekend.

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