F1: Team Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Ready to Race the New SF71H Car

F1: Team Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Ready to Race the New SF71H Car

F1: Team Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Ready to Race the New SF71H Car


Last Thursday, Ferrari revealed the SF71H and its lead Scuderia driver, Sebastian Vettel, says they learned their lessons after finishing 2nd to MercedesAMG in Y 2017.

 “…completely fired up” as they seek to end MercedesAMG’s F1 dominance with their new SF71H.

“The step that we have done in 2017 was incredible,” he said. “The way the team has come out with a competitive car at the beginning, the way we have improved both chassis and engine, on all fronts I think it has been outstanding.

“We have been close for most of the year, not close enough when it mattered, but that’s what happened. “From that we made our conclusions, we learned our lessons. So I believe that those will help us. We are completely fired up.”

“The car looks nice and usually when it looks nice, there is speed also,” added Mr. Vettel’s team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

“We will see that next week and the 1st race the halo looks different, but to be honest we tried it last year and it was not a big difference.

“You get used to it and you do not really notice it. With this car, it’s designed into it so you should not see it when you’re driving.”

F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton concedes his fierce rivalry with Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel “could be fiercer ” in Y 2018.

The 2 champions went head to head for the drivers’ title last year, Mr. Hamilton ultimately prevailing by 46 points to pull level with the German on 4 F1 world championships.

Asked whether he was prepared to engage in a psychological battle with Vettel, Hamilton commented: “I don’t play mind games, I just drive faster. Simple.”

He does admit there is the  element of the unknown heading into a new season.

Asked who he expects to challenge MercedesAMG, Mr. Hamilton replied: “It’s difficult to know. These are very exciting times. I think Ferrari, Red Bull and ourselves are very close.

“So I think you’re going to see a title battle this year. And who knows, there might be another team that I’m not aware of.”

Ferrari begins testing this week in Spain, stay tuned. 

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 129.56 23 February 2018 2.85 127.05 129.56 127.05 205,581
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.30) Neutral (0.10) Bullish (0.45) Bullish (0.35)

Have a terrific week.

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