F1: The SF70H Mark the 70th anni of Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)

F1: The SF70H Mark the 70th anni of Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)

F1: The SF70H Mark the 70th anni of Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)


Friday, following the unveiling of the Ferrari SF70H at the Fiorano Circuit in Italy Friday, both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen got a chance to take their new car out for a spin on the track for the cameras, see the video below.

The Scuderia Ferrari Team drivers were not able to get their Y 2017 racers up to full pitch, they said they were very pleased with what they felt.

For Ferrari, Y 2017 is a very important year and appropriately enough there are some very interesting aerodynamic designs on the new car, even in launch spec, that reflect that.

The 1st time the Formula One teams and drivers will get a full menu of what their F1 machines can do will be at the official preseason test at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona Monday.

Ferrari bucked tradition with its 2017 F1 car, opting against sticking to its conventional ideas or trying to copy its rivals. If the design strategy works, the rest of the field could struggle to catch up.

“I like the look of this car, very different to last year’s because of the new rules,” Sebastian Vettel said. “The team has done fantastic work in every little detail.”

The SF70H is more Red, the traditional color of Ferrari, than last year’s car. Only the front wings sport a touch of white and part of the rear, which also has stripes the colors of the Italian flag: White, Red and Green.

The car has a lengthened nose and an arrow-shaped wing as a consequence of the radical overhaul of the sport’s technical rule book over the off season.

The new racer is named the SF70H to mark the 70th anni of Ferrari.

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