F1: Sebastian Vettel, “Ferrari Spirit is its Strongest Trait” 

F1: Sebastian Vettel, “Ferrari Spirit is its Strongest Trait” 

F1: Sebastian Vettel, “Ferrari Spirit is its Strongest Trait”


Sebastian Vettel praised the dedication and commitment shown by Ferrari during a difficult 2016 F1 season, but admits there is ‘plenty of work ahead’ in its quest to challenge for the F1 title in Y 2017.

Following a successful return to winning ways in Y 2015, Ferrari failed to “Top the Podium” this season and struggled against winners MercedesAMG, as Red Bull Racing also ended the year comfortably in front of its Italian rivals too.

Ferrari’s hobbled campaign came on speculation of unrest behind the scenes, with company President Sergio Marchionne reportedly unimpressed by the team’s failure to build on the 3 wins it posted in Y 2015.

Mr. Vettel maintains there is harmony within The Scuderia, adding that Ferrari should be applauded for the way it is brushed off criticism and continued to show ‘Spirit’ in its efforts to regain form.

“I think the strongest point we have is the spirit inside the team. Very often this year we might have been criticized but we are working very hard, people are very committed here. I have said many times we wanted something more this year but for many reasons it didn’t happen.”

With the 2017 F1 season set to mark ten years since Ferrari last won a world title, Mr. Vettel is confident the lessons learned this year will stand the Team in good stead as its designers and engineers set out to capitalize on the shift in technical regulations.

Mr. Vettel says there is ‘plenty of work ahead’ for Ferrari.

“If you want to speak about the deficit on the car we have plenty of work ahead of us this winter. Next year’s rules are very different but looking purely at what is missing this year is a little bit of down force compared to our main rivals. I think we have made a very good job since the beginning of the year but not especially Saturdays when Mercedes seems to still have a little bit of a trick and can step up more than other manufacturers.


“They are the 2 main points we have been missing out on this year and the 2 we need to focus on for next year. I do not need to explain that in F1 these days even if you build a better chassis or car it is dominated by aerodynamics.

“A third one could be to add is that sometimes we struggle to get the tires in to work in the widow. If you have a car which produces a lot of down force you can do yourself a favor with the tires. Those 2 go hand-in-hand.”

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