F1: Red Bull’s Aggressive Verstappen Says He Does Not Have a Mental Problem

F1: Red Bull’s Aggressive Verstappen Says He Does Not Have a Mental Problem

F1: Red Bull’s Aggressive Verstappen Says He Does Not Have a Mental Problem


Max Verstappen, 20 anni, Red Bull’s very aggressive driver has been heavily criticized this season for a series of moves which have cost him and Red Bull Racing a large number of points.

Young Mr. Verstappen collided with MercedesAMG’s Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain before crashing into Ferrari’s (NYSE: RACE) Sebastian Vettel in China last weekend at Shanghai.

Both incidents were blamed on him because of his aggressive driving style and risking undertakings.

Mr. Verstappen has since apologized for these mistakes which cost Sebastian Vettel the race in Shanghai, but he did say that he does not have a mental problem which needs the help of a psychologist.

“It was not my best race, but I don’t have to think about it anymore,” he said.

“These are people who know about it and understand how it works.“I do not need a psychologist.
“Do I sleep well? I always sleep well.”I should have done it differently, but if you were to know everything in advance, you could change the entire world.“At some point you have to look ahead, so I am looking ahead to Baku.”Red Bull Racing is hopes to challenge Ferrari this season and Daniel Ricciardo’s win on China proved they have the pace to do so. Though it is doubtful Mr. Riccardo would have won there had his team-mate not knocked Mr. Vettel they way he did, it looked like it was on purpose, have a look.

However, Mr. Verstappen will have to learn quickly about timing his overtaking to perfection.

Several of us have condemned the infant terrible’s actions, but he has vowed to continue pushing the front-runners hard, overheard saying he is taking advice from his father and the pit.

Baku next weekend, stay tuned…


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