F1: ‘Not one of us think being a Grid Girl it’s sexist, exploitative or demeaning’

F1: ‘Not one of us think being a Grid Girl it’s sexist, exploitative or demeaning’

F1: “Not one of us think being a Grid Girl it’s sexist, exploitative or demeaning.”


New F1 owner, Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) dropping Grid Girls for Y 2018

Formula 1 is stereo-typically viewed as a man’s world, but with women like Claire Williams, Susie Wolff and Monisha Kaltenborn reaching the Top of their professions, this statement itself may be in need of some updating.

Instead, the F1 bosses have focused on grid girls and the split opinion on whether the women add glamour or are a reflection of a sexist era decades out of date.

Autoweek spoke to British Grid Girl Samantha Young to get the feelings of someone now down a job for the year.

For the full interview go here.

Ms. Young is no newcomer to the industry and has spent a number of years working with various championships, including the British Touring Car Championship, British GT Championship and F1.

She said, “I just think that grid girls are part of the tradition, and for those of us who are not mechanics, engineers or truckies, etc., it’s a way to be involved in the sport — a sport which I love and I’ve been around since I was 7 years old. Someone I knew owned a race team, so I grew up at race circuits. My school holidays were spent at Spa, Dijon, Estoril, etc. Whilst all my school friends were off on all-inclusive holidays, I was polishing race cars. I didn’t want to be a mechanic or engineer, so choosing to be a grid girl gives me a way to stay involved in motorsport — just as much a part of the team without having to retrain into a different career. All I’m asking is don’t remove my ability to choose!”

America’s version of political correctness has no business in international motor racing, period.

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