F1: Monza is Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Home Track, We are Here this Weekend

F1: Monza is Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Home Track, We are Here this Weekend

F1: Monza is Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Home Track, We are Here this Weekend


  • F1 fans this weekend we at Ferrari’s home track of Monza
  • Monza is the most beloved races on the calendar

Known as the Cathedral of Speed is a Key race for Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) and Sebastian Vettel, as he is still 17 points behind Hamilton. Considering the apparent engine advantage that Ferrari have over MercedesAMG, at a track like Monza, it will be a huge blow for The Scuderia if it does not manage to take lots points from MercedesAMG.

Red Bull Racing admitts that their car is not the best suited to Monza. This means that we could see midfield teams like Haas and Force India make the best of the opportunity and possibly take 2 of the Top Six on the grid.

Overall, Monza is a special race, I have no how it will run, I like to guess.

Please recall that 10 years ago at the Italian GP in Y 2008 Sebastian Vettel took a Pole to Chequered flag victory for Toro Roso in the wet at the Autodromo Nationale de Monza. This weekend as of right now, the weather forecast for the Milan area does predict rain for Saturday.

That said, 10 years on from Mr. Vettel’s Pole at I am calling a repeat that feat in the wet.

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Italian Grand Prix boss Angelo Sticchi Damiani says that Monza wants to “rethink” its contract with Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA).

The Formula 1 rights holder and Hockenheim are believed to have agreed new terms for a race in 2019, but a darker cloud still lingers over the future of the Italian Grand Prix.

Talks with Liberty’s Chase Carey are scheduled for this weekend, as Monza hosts its Y 2018 race.

“It will not be easy, but we will try to rethink the contract with Liberty Media,” Sticchi Damiani told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In Europe the other circuits are suffering a lot, Germany is in trouble and many think they will not be able to finance the Grand Prix again.

“So it’s time to look into each other’s eyes. We will do everything to continue the discussion and not stop in 2019. We want to get to 2022, when the Monza GP will be 100 years old.”

MercedesAMG will go into this weekend’s race looking to protect a 15-point lead over 2nd-placed Ferrari.

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