F1: Monaco Grand Prix Will Keep Its ‘Grid Girls’

F1: Monaco Grand Prix Will Keep Its ‘Grid Girls’

F1: Monaco Grand Prix Will Keep Its ‘Grid Girls’


Monaco has defied John Malone’s no more grid girls edict for F 1.

In a statement issued on Thursday to F1i.com, Michel Boeri, President of the Automobile Club de Monaco, said our  “grid girls” will be present on the starting line during the Monaco Grand Prix next month.

The announcement came in direct opposition to F1 parent company Liberty Media Corp.(NASDAQ:LMCA), which announced last year that it would abolish the practice of using young female hostesses during F1 events.

“We’ve had no problems with Liberty Media, except for the grid-girl issue,” said Mr. Boeri. “They’re pretty, and the cameras will be on them once again.”

Last year the news of the initial “no-grid-girl” ruling was seen a a knee-jerk reaction to appease draconian standards of PC (political correctness) in the #MeToo cultural climate coming from the US.

Mr. Boeri, who hosts F1’s most glamorous event has aligned with against the US PC climate. The Grid Girls are here to stay in Monaco.

“Our American friends assume that it could hurt the feminine feelings when employing young women to carry signs,” Mr. Boeri told Monaco-Matine, a local newspaper.

“Our hostesses complete model and PR schools. They perform during the Grand Prix at events that are in line with their training. And they are paid for it.”

“The grid girls look pretty and are part of the Formula 1 landscape,” Mr. Boeri said. “Why in the world should I stop 30 girls from earning a living?”

Liberty Media has since announced it would use “Grid Kids” to help in pre-race ceremonies. Humm!

Requests for comment from Liberty Media has not be answered.

Stay tuned…

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