F1: Mid-Field Racers Hope of Bridging Gap Between Top 3 Teams Fading

F1: Mid-Field Racers Hope of Bridging Gap Between Top 3 Teams Fading


FLASH: Team Haas drivers doubtful gap to front-running F1 teams will shrink.
Romain Grosjean
feels the gap between Team Haas and the leading 3 F1 teams is bigger than anticipated at the start of the Y 2019 season, fearing the deficit will only grow as the season runs on.

Team Haas finished as the leading midfield team at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix as Kevin Magnussen crossed the line 6th, only trailing MercedesAMG, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) at the front.

The 3 teams have dominated F1 for some time, taking every race win in the past 3 years, but there were hopes the gap to the midfield had shrunk following a tweak in the aerodynamic regulations for Y 2019.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Team Haas driver Grosjean said that while the close-knit midfield battle was good for F1, the gap to the leading teams remained large.

“I think it’s the right battle for Formula 1. It is super exciting to look at the midfield, where the gap is very tight and you never know who’s going to end up on top,” Mr. Grosjean said.

“I think we are a bit further away from Red Bull than we were hoping. I’m afraid the gap could open during the year because of the resources they have.

“We’ll definitely try to give them as hard a time as we can, to please both Rich Energy and ourselves,” he said.

Team Haas’ title sponsor, Rich Energy, has been very open about its ambitions to challenge fellow energy drink company Red Bull Racing both on- and off-track.

Have a terrific week.

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