F1: Lewis Hamilton on the Pole Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Vettel in #2 Slot

F1: Lewis Hamilton on the Pole Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Vettel in #2 Slot

F1: Lewis Hamilton on the Pole Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Vettel in #2 Slot


Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Sebastian Vettel believes the Ferrari F1 team has the pace to win the Canadian Grand Prix despite being unable to match Lewis Hamilton’s MercedesAMG in qualifying Saturday.

Lewis Hamilton broke the lap record to match Ayrton Senna’s 65 career Poles

Mr. Vettel quickest in FP3, had to settle for 2nd slot on the grid after Mr. Hamilton drove to his 65th F1 career pole position by 3/10 sec.

The 3rd-fastest Valtteri Bottas and 4th-quickest Kimi Raikkonen to share the 2nd row.

Mr. Vettel feels Ferrari will be competitive enough to fight for victory Sunday here in Montreal.

“I think we have the pace to win,” said Mr. Vettel, who failed to improve his time on his final attempt in Q3.

“I’m not so happy with the last run I had in qualifying.

“I would have loved to repeat the second run and find a little bit.

“I tried to push a bit hard, but then pushed too hard.

“I knew I had to improve, even if just by five thousandths.”

While Mr. Hamilton opted for a 2-lap run to prepare his ultra-soft tires in Q3, Mr. Vettel chose to do only 1 flyer lap.

Despite missing out on Pole, The Scuderia Team driver believes it was the right strategy.

“I was confident to go with the 1st lap,” Mr. Vettel said. “You saw the lap times getting better. I was confident we made the right call.”

The championship leader conceded Mr. Hamilton had simply been “the better man” in qualifying.

“We always expected Mercedes to be very quick, especially in the last segment,” Mr. Vettel added. “Lewis did a better job today and got a good lap. He was the better man today.

“I thought we could step it up and find a bit of time. I lost a bit into Turn 2, and then lost two tenths out of the second corner and then I knew I had to catch up, which I did until the end of the lap which I did to get the same as before.

“Nevertheless the car was very good, I was happy this morning, happy this morning and we should be good in the race.”

Enjoy the racing Sunday at 2:00p EDT on NBC.

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