F1: FIA Asks Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) to Halt ‘Quit’ Threat

F1: FIA Asks Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) to Halt ‘Quit’ Threat

F1: FIA Asks Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) to Halt ‘Quit’ Threat


  • Plus, the Halo winged mirrors controversy

FIA President Jean Todt is confident Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) will remain in F1 if they see a “bon formato” in place for Y 2021.

Ferrari have issued and reiterated that they will leave F1 if the new regulations devised by Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) and the FIA are not to their liking for the Y 2021 season and beyond.

But, The Scuderia’s stance seems to have softened a bit after more talks with the motorsport’s governing bodies.

Mr. Todt is “convinced” his former team will continue to compete in F1 for the foreseeable future.

“Ferrari is the iconic (F1) brand,” Mr. Todt said.

“There are several reasons for that, and 1 of them is that the sport is very important for them. Ferrari profits from racing and racing profits from them.

“I’m convinced that if we set up a good format, they will continue to be interested,” he said.

However, Mr. Todt stressed that the new rules must suit all teams, including potential new ones, and not just Ferrari.

“We have to do something that’s good for 10 teams, not just 1,” he insists.

“More than 50% of the teams are in difficulty, and that is not good for the premier discipline of motor sport.

“That’s why we have to do something about the discrepancy between the teams.”

On the Halo winged mirrors controversy

Halo-mounted wing mirrors will remain legal in F1 but Ferrari must change the fixings used in Spain last weekend before next week’s Monaco Grand Prix, the governing FIA said Thursday.

The International Automobile Federation posted a clarification to teams saying they could legitimately design mirrors to minimize any negative aerodynamic effects but benefits should be minimal.

In the interests of better visibility, teams were told last month they could fix mirrors to the halo head protection device that encircles the cockpit and that became mandatory this season.

Ferrari’s solution pushed the boundaries, with winglets above the mirrors that were fixed to the halo, and raised suspicions they were designed to produce an aerodynamic advantage.

The FIA expect to have full compliance with the present technical directive by the next race.

Monaco, which Ferrari dominated last year, is next up with plenty of tight and twisty corners putting a premium on high aerodynamic downforce.

The Scuderia was allowed to race in Spain with the mirror arrangement because it was not seen as a clear breach of the regulations but something that needed clarifying.
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