F1: Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Key for 2019 is Vettel and Leclerc Working Together

F1: Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Key for 2019 is Vettel and Leclerc Working Together

F1: Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Key for 2019 is Vettel and Leclerc Working Together


Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) lead shoe, Sebastian Vettel thinks it essential that he and new Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc. 21 anni, have a cooperative working relationship in F1 next season.

With The Scuderia deciding against retaining its number 2 driver Kimi Raikkonen for Y 2019, Mr.Vettel will have a new team-mate for the 1st time since he joined Ferrari in Y 2015.

But while Mr. Leclerc’s natural speed is obvious, he lacks F1 experience with only 19 Grands Prix for Sauber under his belt, which is why Mr. Vettel thinks it would be a mistake if the pair locked horns in a fight for internal supremacy.

“It is going to be different for sure, because Charles is not Kimi and Kimi is not Charles,” Mr. Vettel told motorsport reporters Saturday.

“He is young, so he will have a lot on his head and a lot of things in his mind. So I think for the team we need to work together on track.

“I am sure he wants to beat me, I want to beat him, the rules are clear. It was the same with Kimi.

“But I think the key is that we work together and, as I said, he will have a lot things going on in his head.

“I am his team mate, so I am also here to help. I am the last one that is trying to hide or playing any games or anything like that.

“That is why I think I get along very well with Kimi, because in this regard we are very similar. So we will see.”

Vettel: Leclerc and I need to work together in 2019

Although Mr. Raikkonen’s failure to convince Ferrari to keep him for Y 2019 could have prompted him to walk away from F1, a deal to take Mr. Leclerc’s vacant seat at Sauber means Kimi will continue racing into his 40’s.

However, Mr. Vettel says he is skeptical about extending his own career to such an age.

“Well, its another 10 years from now to go as long as Kimi,” he said.

“It is a long time. It is as long as I have been here, so now its half time basically. I do not know.

“We’re looking at 400 Grand Prix… in total. I do not know, you should never say never, but maybe not. I do not know.

“It depends, you know. If I win the next 10 years with Ferrari, than yeah, why not?”

This coming weekend the F1 race is in Brazil, tune in.

Have a terrific weekend

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