F1: Ferrari Vs MercedesAMG, the Racing is “On” Again

F1: Ferrari Vs MercedesAMG, the Racing is “On” Again

F1: Ferrari Vs MercedesAMG, the Racing is “On” Again


Sunday, after Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari took the chequered flag at the Australian Grand Prix, retired F1 world champion Nico Rosberg Tweeted, “Congrats Sebastian/Ferrari. Respect. Could be a cool Merc Vs. Ferrari battle all season. You up for that?”

It is well know in F1 racing circles that any respect Mr. Rosberg held for former team-mate Lewis Hamilton, a 3X World Champion, was begrudging given their often public displays of contempt on and off the world’s racing circuits during the past few seasons.

Mr. Vettel’s victory over Mr. Hamilton and new team mate Valtteri Bottas at Albert Park Circuit added to the ongoing rivalry.

It was Mr. Vettel’s 43rd career victory and his 1st since Y 2015 is being viewed as immediate proof that Ferrari’s Winter testing positioned The Scuderia to take the battle to the MercedesAMG team led by Toto Wolff.

Last Sunday’s result set the stage for a Vettel-Hamilton challenge that could rise to the level of the Rosberg-Hamilton intra-team duals of recent seasons.

After shadowing pole-sitter Hamilton through the opening stages of the race, Mr. Vettel jumped in front at the 1st round of pit stops, as Mr. Vettel was able to make his stop and emerge in the lead and never looked back.

Mr. Vettet took the flag by almost 10secs to record Ferrari’s 1st win since Singapore 2015. Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 World Champion, finished 4th to complete the Ferrari-Mercedes positions, 1-2-2-4

Still, the matchup carrying huge marquee value for new owner Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) heading to Shanghai, China, for Round 2 on 9 April.

Asked to supply a “road map” to Ferrari’s re-emergence, Mr. Vettel traced a journey that began in Y 2015. “I think the road we followed is pretty simple: we didn’t look left; we didn’t look right; we didn’t look forward; we didn’t look back,” Vettel said. “I think we focused on what we had to do at the time. Obviously there has been a lot of up and down, left and right the last 12 months but I think, especially the last couple of months, things calmed down and we just tried to do our job.

“Obviously there has been a big reshuffle but, as I said, people are happy _ happy to work, working with each other. That’s the key. At the end there’s no shortcut, you need to get the job done and invest a lot of hours thinking. Passion, I think, is a great driver back in the factory, also here. I think up and down the pit lane the amount of hours the guys are covering is mad. You need to love what you’re doing but especially… I said it years ago joining Ferrari, there seems to be an extra passion just working for the Prancing Horse and, I think, just focusing on ourselves really has been the big difference.

“A Key was to deliver a great car, which we have. The speeds look alright, both on the straights and in the corners we are competitive. I was able to stay with Lewis. It’s the first race of the season, I’m surprised we didn’t have a Safety Car but anything can happen. I wanted to stay in there and make it clear we had the pace. It was nice to see that we have and, as I say, to get the job done.”

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