F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) the Cost of Entry

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) the Cost of Entry


Each year the price increases based on the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), and it means for Y 2019 that all teams have to pay a basic entry fee of US$546,133, and then an extra amount depending on where they finished last year.

The constructors’ champion, MercedesAMG has to pay $6553 per point scored, while all the other teams pay $5459 per point.

When MercedesAMG enjoyed a hugely dominant Y 2016 season, it was left facing a bill of more than $5.25-M for entry to the following campaign.

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) resurgence has meant that MercedesAMGs’ points scoring has not been so rampant over the last 2 seasons, thus bringing its payment down. Even so, MercedesAMG has to pay more than $4.8-M in total for its Y 2019 entry, with 5 teams paying more than $1-M.

Here is a run down of the Y 2019 entry fees for the Top 3, and how they compare to last year, as follows:


2019 fee: $4,838,348 

2018 fee: $4,653,720


2019 fee: $3,663,222 

2018 fee: $3,210,170

Red Bull Racing

2019 fee: $2,833,454 

2018 fee: $2,415,376

All fees in USDs

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