F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Technically Tied to the Alfa Romeo Entries

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Technically Tied to the Alfa Romeo Entries


Sauber Racing has been renamed Alfa Romeo as part of a move by the Fiat-Chrysler (NYSE:FCAU) to increase its luxury brand presences in F1.

The move suggests that Alfa Romeo will forge closer technical ties with Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) in the future that extend beyond the customer relationship that Haas Racing now enjoys.

While this could lead to Haas being moved down when it comes to Ferrari’s priorities, team principle Guenther Steiner sees no reason for his working relationship with the Maranello Outfit to change.

“We have got a very solid relationship with them, technically, humanly, and financially,” he said about how things are with Ferrari.

“It is very solid. They respect us, we respect them, and we collaborate very well.

“What they do with Sauber and with Alfa Romeo is none of my business. They know that I respect that fully.

“I do not interfere. As long as we get what they promise and what they gave us [before], then I am happy. What they do otherwise, so it be.

“I am not critical or anything, and I do not really care what they do with them as long as we do as we always do, and we do. So I am happy.”

Mr. Steiner said that the terms of his team’s partnership with Ferrari remained unchanged, with his racing outfit buying as many parts as the regulations allow.

“What we get from them, we are very happy with,” he said. “We do not have any negatives.

“As I said before, I have no influence on what they do and I don’t want to have, because it is not my business what they do with their business.

“I do not feel I am in a position to tell Ferrari what to do. As long as we are doing what we always did with them, and what we continue to do, and they actually do it, I am happy.

“What they do with Alfa romeo, I have no influence and do not want to have any influence because we are happy what we get from them and it is all good. I do not even ask questions to them about Alfa because it is none of my business.”

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