F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Out Paced by MercedesAMG in Final Qualifying at Spa

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Out Paced by MercedesAMG in Final Qualifying at Spa

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Out Paced by MercedesAMG in Final Qualifying at Spa


  • 2018 Belgian F1 Grand Prix Saturday’s Qualifying
  • Lewis Hamilton takes the Pole in the last secs at Spa
  • MercedesAMG’s Lewis Hamilton looking to increase his 24-point world championship lead over Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel as F1 returns in Belgium
  • Mr. Vettel remains bullish about his chances in the race

Lewis Hamilton was quickest in a rain-soaked Q3 on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, with Sebastian Vettel unable to better his rival’s time despite a late push. It means Mr. Hamilton is on Pole for the 6th time this season

Qualifying Overview

After finishing fastest in all 3 FP sessions, Ferrari held sway over MercedesAMG at the end of Q1, as Kimi Raikkonen paced Lewis Hamilton and Valttteri Bottas.

Q3 in the rain

Mr. Vettel is 7.10’s behind  Mr. Hamilton, as mastered the conditions in the wet once again.

Q2 – Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel cranking up

He went quickest in the 1st sector. Mr. Hamilton hits back in sector 2, 6/10’s ahead of Vettel!

Mr. Raikkonen the 1st over with a 1.41.6…Mr. Hamilton next with a 1.41.8, sec.

Mr. Vettel loses time and is 5/10’s behind Hamilton. Mr. Raikkonen has found the pace when he needed it. Mr. Vettel made a mistake in Stavelot, which is what cost him the time. Chance to improve then. A Ferrari front row lock out looks good.

Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo is way away from team mate Max Verstappen though.  Mr. Riccardo is running a different spec rear wing to Mr. Verstappen’s.

Q2 – final runs underway

2 mins to go…and there’s a Yellow flag that was cleared quickly.

Mr. Vettel Tops ahead of Mr. Raikkonen. Mr. Bottas does set a lap time for 4th

Mr.Leclerc on a hot lap, no improvement he is down in 13th

What can Hamilton do? A 1.41.553 just 0.052 from quickest and 0.02 from Raikkonen ahead! Wow. It’s close.

Gasly, Hartley, Leclerc and Ericsson eliminated. Hulkenberg out, he did not set a time.

It is raining, Messers Hamilton and Bottas now out together on track. The rain gets heavier

Mr Bottas spins out, Mr. Hamilton out alone in the rain.

3 mins to go

Ferrari’s Vettel out to set a time, and he does. It is the quickest 0.225 ahead of Mr. Raikkonen.

That, though, will surely not be enough for pole as the track dries out…

This is why Spa is great.

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