F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Is Formula One, Ross Brawn Knows It

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Is Formula One, Ross Brawn Knows It

F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Is Formula One, Ross Brawn Knows It


Liberty Media’s Managing Director of Motorsports, Ross Brawn sent a olive branch disguised as a warning to Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) after its latest F1 quit threats and seems confident the motorsport can survive if the iconic Italian manufacturer ankled.

Mr. Brawn, eager to please his bosses and new owner Liberty’s new vision for the sport including alterations to the prize money structure and a shake-up of engine regulations in Y 2021, knows that F1 is Ferrari and all that the world’s #1 automotive brand brings to the global events.

If he does not he has his head in the sand, F1 fans are not going race events to see Red Bull, McLaren, and Force India.

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has issued a quit threat if F1’s new rules do not suit The Scuderia.

The speculations were intensified when former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said the sport would not be able to survive without the iconic Italian marque.

Mr. Brawn has hit back at the reports and is eager to work in collaboration with Ferrari rather than Vs them, but warns any changes will be under Liberty’s guidance.

Mr. Brawn, once a power in F1, has a very high opinion of his current influence at Ferrari, with the addition of teams Maserati and Alfa Romeo, Mr. Marchionne is the de facto F1 Boss.

“I think they Ferrari are saying that they have important elements of F1 that have to be maintained and I think we have common ground on that,” Mr. Brawn said in a TV interview. “They are part of the DNA of Formula 1 and we do not want to lose that but it has to be in the right circumstances. There are boundaries that we feel need to be correct for the sport and hopefully they are boundaries that they can work in.

“Formula 1 will always survive whatever the teams are in it. We’ve seen it before with some world champions leaving the sport and sometimes we’ve had tragedies in the sport but the sport recovers and carries on. It will carry on whether I am in it, whether Liberty is in it or whether Ferrari is in it.”

 Mr. Brawn knows very well that losing Ferrari would be a huge blow for F1 which is why he’s keen to work with the Italian manufacturer to find solutions to its concerns suitable all parties.

“Will it be better when that happens [Ferrari’s exit]? I don’t think so, so we have to find solutions with Ferrari but it has to be around the right parameters,” he said. “We cannot have a situation where we do anything a team wants whether that is Ferrari, MercedesAMG, Renault etc. We cannot just run a sport on what a team wants.”

What Mr. Brawn is missing is that Ferrari is not just a Team, Ferrari is the core of F1 racing and now that Maserati and Alfa Romeo are back, Mr. Marchionne has stronger hand and Liberty Media must pay attention, as he [Marchionne] is the Boss of 2 of the world’s 5 Top automobile manufacturers.

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