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F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Charles and Seb Start Mid-field at Yaz Marina

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Charles and Seb Start Mid-field at Yaz Marina

Charles Leclerc will start from 12th place and Sebastian Vettel from 13th in the last race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which gets underway Sunday at 17.10 (14.10 CET) at the Yas Marina circuit.

Q1. Charles and Sebastian both made the cut out of Q1 without too much trouble. They did 2 runs each on the Softs, with Charles 3rd fastest (1.35.881) and Seb 12th (1.36.655).

Q2. Seb’s final qualifying with the team ended in Q2. Seb’s 1st time was a 1.36.898 on the Mediums, followed by a 1.36.631 on the Softs. Unfortunately, that was not enough and he qualified 13th. Charles did make it to the final part with a great 1.35.932 set on the Medium t1res so he can start on that compound tomorrow.

Q3. In the 12 mins of Q3, all ten drivers used 2 sets of new Softs. On his 1st run, Charles posted a 1.36.248 and then on his 2nd he did a 1.36.065. As the Chequered flag was waved he was 9th fastest, but because of the 3 place grid penalty he was given following the 1st lap collision at the Sakhir Grand Prix, he will start from 12th on the grid.

Charles Leclerc #16: “I am not so happy about today. Even though Q1 was good and Q2 was very, very good on Medium tires, in Q3 we lost the rhythm, especially in the last sector and it did not work out for us. Unfortunately, we have a 3-place grid penalty to take tomorrow so it won’t make much difference that I am starting on Mediums, as I expect people around me at the start to go for Medium or Hard tires.

We were quite competitive in FP2 even though our long runs were affected by the red flag, so our pace should not be too bad tomorrow.

“It is going to be a tricky race because here in Abu Dhabi it is always very warm so tire management will be a big thing, more than usual. I want to stay sixth in the drivers’ championship so for this last race of the season I will do all I can to make up as many places as possible.”

Sebastian Vettel #5: “Obviously it is not nice to start my final race with the team from 13th on the grid. The result itself is quite bad, even if I was happy with my own performance on the lap. Maybe putting together the perfect lap would have got me as high as 10th, but no better than that.

My plan for the race Sunday is simply to try and do my best. I guess we won’t have an easy race.

“I think it will be special since it is the last one. I want to enjoy this race and feel very close to the people in the garage, the mechanics, the engineers, everyone. It will be very emotional.

Laurent Mekies Sporting Director: “Today’s qualifying result was pretty much in line with the rest of the season, but it’s worth looking at it more closely as there were some positives to be drawn from it. Our main aim was to get into Q3 on the Medium tire, especially with Charles, to minimise the effect of his 3-place grid penalty from the previous round.

Thanks to a great lap, Charles managed to make the cut but after that, he did not get the same feeling for the Soft that he had found in Q1, where he was 1 of the quickest. A shame, as we have seen very often this year how the mid-field is very evenly matched and it does not take much to be at the front or the back. Last week in Sakhir we led this group of cars, but today we are in the middle. Unfortunately, Sebastian only managed to qualify 13th.

Yas Marina has never suited our cars, especially the third and slowest sector, although today we are among the quickest on this part of the track, which is interesting looking to the future. We can as usual expect the race to be closely fought and difficult, with a lot of cars bunched together, given that the performance gaps are down to a few 10ths.

Ferrari is The Aristocrat of the automotive sector.

Enzo Ferrari’s iconic Italian Supercar manufacturer claimed the title according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 2019 report launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for RACE is overall Very Bullish, the Key resistance is at, the Key support is at .

Our overall technical outlook is Very Bullish, a Key indicators are Bullish long-term. Ferrari reported strong earnings for Q-3 on 3 November.

Ferrari finished trading Friday at 214.89 in NY. It’s all time high in NY was marked at 215.48 marked intraday Wednesday, 18 November.

All technical indicators are Bullish to Very Bullish there is Strong support at 213.41, the overhead resistance is NIL. Ferrari’s stock is undervalued in here.

The Maranello Outfit’s shares were raised to Buy from Hold at HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. UBS is now calling the stock at 365.

Ferrari will continue to create value in the long term as it becomes the world’s 1st Super Luxury brand.

Ferrari is a quality 1st long term luxury products investment, BAML raised it call to 270 long term.

I have raised my long term target to 375, a Strong Bull call, the strongest on the Street.

Ferrari has an average rating of Buy and a consensus target price at 211.95.

The Maranello Outfit’s shares were raised to Buy from Hold at HSBC.

Ferrari will continue to create value in the long term. Ferrari is a quality 1st long term luxury products investment, and I am calling it 375 long term , the Top on the Street, and adjusting it to 230/share short term.

A number of large investors have recently bought shares of RACE, and there is no insider selling.

The stock is now considered defensive in the sector.

There is F1 racing Sunday at Yaz Marina, Abu Dhabi, click here for the schedule and tune in.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!


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