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F1: Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) at Monte Carlo Update



For Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), the Monaco Grand Prix is a Key opportunity to get back into the F1 championship race.

Now, after 5 races and no wins for either Sebastian Vettel or Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s hopes of ending the dominance of MercedesAMG are look a bit obscure.

Mr. Vettel, a 4X F1 champion, was in contention for the past 2 seasons only to fall away during 2-H of them as Lewis Hamilton went on to win both titles for MercedesAMG.

As it stands now he is nearly 50 points behind championship leader Hamilton, who is chasing a 6th F1 title.

MercedesAMG has won the past 5 drivers’ and constructors’ titles and could do it again. Mr. Bottas sits only 7 points behind Mr. Hamilton and has taken the past 3 Poles, he is pressuring his Silver Arrow team-mate.

Ferrari’s drivers are drifting way behind in here.

Mr. Vettel is 4th overall in the standings, behind Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, while Mr. Leclerc is 5th. Few, no one, predicted this poor start, for The Scuderia, especially after encouraging signs in pre-season testing.

“Others have done a better job than us,” Mr. Vettel said Wednesday at Ferrari’s paddock HQ, “There have been some negative signs, for sure.”

Still, Mr. Vettel insists Ferrari can begin to stop the slide with a morale-boosting win in Monaco.

“We deserve a good result, for everybody’s sake,” Mr. Vettel said. “We have been working hard, it’s not like we have been leaning back and taking the Sun for the last few weeks.”

In the Ferrari garage

Tensions are building between the 2 drivers, as Mr. Leclerc, 21 anni, has 2X’d been curtailed by team instructions favoring Mr. Vettel despite being the faster driver on race day.

With 52 wins to his name, Mr. Vettel, 31 anni, is Ferrari’s #1 driver.

Note: The race where Ferrari has had the upper hand was Bahrain, the 2nd of the season, where Mr. Leclerc took the Pole, and looked to win the race until his engine betrayed him and inexplicably lost power with 11 laps to run.

Ferrari then gifted Mr. Hamilton a win , because Mr. Vettel spun his car under pressure from a Hamilton attack.

The mishaps and malfunctions in Bahrain struck a worrying comparison with the past 2 years , and has set the tone for the season to date.

Instead of looking strong, Ferrari was put on the ‘back foot’and the pressure is squarely on team boss Mattia Binotto to turn things around with Ferrari nearly 100 points behind MercedesAMG in the constructors’ championship. Ferrari last won it in Y 2008, its devoted fans are waiting.

Because Monaco’s narrow, twisting 3.3-kilometer (2-mile) street circuit is 1 of the most difficult in F1 for overtaking, taking the Pole Saturday may be Key to stopping MercedesAMG. Or else the 78-lap race could turn into a procession for the race leader. And as a Monegasque, Mr. Leclerc has extra motivation to get another Pole.

Should Mr. Leclerc win it, it would be an very popular outcome for sure.

RACEWEEK SCHEDULE (all times local)

FP1 (11:00-12:30)
FP2 (15:00-16:30)

FP3 (12:00-13:00)
Qualifying (15:00-16:00)

Race (15:10-17:10)


Red Bull have collected 272 points at Monte Carlo, their most at a single F1 circuit.


2018: Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull
2017: Sebastian Vettel for Ferrari
2016: Lewis Hamilton for MercedesAMG


1. Lewis Hamilton (MercedesAMG) 112
2. Valtteri Bottas (MercedesAMG) 105 (-7)
3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) 66 (-46)
4. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 64 (-48)
5. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 57 (-55)


1. MercedesAMG 217
2. Ferrari 121 (-96)
3. Red Bull Racing 87 (-125)

Ferrari is the Aristocrat of the automotive sector.

The iconic Italian Supercar manufacturer claimed the title according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 2019 report launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for RACE is Bullish to Very Bullish, there is light resistance now at 148.17, and strong support at 142.62, all of our Key indicators are Very Bullish in here

Tune in, and enjoy the racing this weekend.

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