F1: Ferrari to Dominate Mercedes & Red Bull in China

F1: Ferrari to Dominate Mercedes & Red Bull in China

F1: Ferrari to Dominate Mercedes & Red Bull in China


“When a car is good from the beginning, the development is also much easier.”

The Scuderia took their 1st victory in 18 months thanks to Sebastian Vettel’s flawless driving in Melbourne.

Mr. Vettwl started 2nd on the grid but Ferrari’s strategy and Lewis Hamilton’s inability to look after his tires allowed Mr. Vettel to overtake him in the pit stop phase and maintain a healthy lead until the chequered flag, with a strong  10sec lead.

The teams will now head to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix on 9 April with MercedesAMG keen to retake the lead in the World Constructors’ Championship from arch-rival Ferrari.

 And while Ferrari appear to have found the best solution to the problem so far, another former driver believes they must watch their back very carefully.

Jarno Trulli, 252-time F1 racer, said: “It’s a great starting position for Ferrari, but all 3 Top Teams have the resources to efficiently develop during the season.”

Editors Note: Ferrari looks to have developed the best car on the grid so far this season, and its winning start in Melbourne puts  The Scuderia  at the top of the F1 world championship table, the 1st time in the hybrid era that a team other than MercedesAMG has done so. PE

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