F1 Drivers: The Richest, Ferrari, MercedesAMG and the Rest

F1 Drivers: The Richest, Ferrari,  MercedesAMG and the Rest


F1 is one of the richest sports in the world and F1 drivers get paid handsomely, with salaries rivaling some of the richest athletes in the world.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is around $280-M, 4X champion Sebastian Vettel’s net worth is around $55-M, while Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo’s net worth is around $20-M. And the money that they receive in F1 is going to increase with a lot of money coming into the sport through sponsorship.

The Y 2019 season is going to be bigger and better, as is the norm every season, with drivers and constructors upping their game in every race.

This Y 2019 season will see F1 drivers rake in huge salaries, led by MercedesAMG driver and 5X F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, who signed a contract that will see him stay till 2020, in a deal that is reportedly worth a £40-50-M a year.

RacingElite have compiled a list of the approximate salaries of each F1 driver of the Y 2019 season, they are as follows:

Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso): F1 rookie Alexander Albon will race for Toro Rosso in the 2019 season and will reportedly earn €150,000.

George Russell (Williams): British youngster George Russell will race his debut F1 season for Williams and make €160,000.

Antonio Giovinazzi (Sauber): Antonio Giovinazzi, 25 anni, returns to F1 with Sauber and is rumoured to make €200,000.

Lando Norris (Mclaren): The 3rd rookie of the Y 2019 season, Lando Norris will race with McLaren in his debut year and earn €225,000.

Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso): Another F1 star who makes a return to the grid in Y 2019 is Daniil Kvyat who returns back to Toro Rosso and is reportedly set to make €275,000.

Robert Kubica (Williams): The biggest and most exciting return of Y 2019 is that of Robert Kubica, who will be driving for Williams and is to earn €500,000.

Kevin Magnussen (Haas): Kevin Magnussen retains his Haas seat for Y 2019 and is set to earn €1,000,000.

Lance Stroll (Racing Point): Lance Stroll will be racing for Racing Point, which was formerly Force India, and is now owned by his father, Lawrence Stroll. He is also going to earn €1,000,000.

Pierre Gasly (Red Bull): Like Max Verstappen before him, Pierre Gasly is set to make the jump from Toro Rosso to sister team, Red Bull, in Y 2019 and will earn €1,200,000.

Romain Grosjean (Haas): Romain Grosjean was outraced by his teammate Kevin Magnussen last year, but will look to turn things around. He is set to earn €1,500,000.

Sergio Perez (Racing Point): Sergio Perez retains his seat at Racing Point, and will earn €3,000,000 in Y 2019.

Charles LeClerc (Ferrari): Ferrari newest Charles LeClerc is now part of the big leagues and will earn a handsome €3,000,000 in Y 2019.

Carlos Sainz (McLaren): McLaren have an all-new lineup for Y 2019, with Carlos Sainz replacing fellow Spaniard Fernando Alonso in the team. Mr, Sainz will earn €3,500,000.

Nico Hulkenberg (Renault): Nico Hulkenberg retains his seat at Renault, earning €4,000,000 in Y 2019. 

Kimi Raikkonen (Sauber): Kimi Raikkonen returns to Sauber after his stint with Ferrari and will make €4,000,000.

Valtteri Bottas (MercedesAMG): The other Finnish driver in F1, Valtteri Bottas, will look to match teammate Lewis Hamilton in Y 2019. He will earn €7,500,000.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing): Max Verstappen is now the #1 in Red Bull after the departure of Ricciardo. He will earn €12,000,000 in Y 2019.

Daniel Ricciardo (Renault): Mr. Ricciardo will be the 3rd highest paid driver in F1 in Y 2019, earning €15,000,000.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): The 2nd highest paid driver on the grid in Y 2019, Mr. Vettel will earn €40,000,000.

Lewis Hamilton (MercedesAMG): The current and 5X World Champion, Mr. Hamilton will earn €50,000,000 for the Y 2019 season.

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