F1: Do Not Expect Fernando Alonso to Return to Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)

F1: Do Not Expect Fernando Alonso to Return to Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)

F1: Do Not Expect Fernando Alonso to Return to Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)


The word behind the F1 pit wall is that McLaren’s lead driver, Fernando Alonso will ankle the Team at the end of this season.

But, his return to The Scuderia is unlikely as his departure from the Maranello outfit’s team at the end of Y 2014 was far from amicable and Sebastian Vettel will not welcome the divisive and highly political Spaniard back there.

The speculation is that if Lewis Hamilton and MercedesAMG are beaten this year in the championship, the bosses there may be tempted to oust Valtteri Bottas and hire in a big name driver to ‘motivate’ Mr. Hamilton, enter Mr. Alonso into the equation the fray.

But, a move to MercedesAMG is unlikely to be welcomed by their 4X F1 World Champion, while it is well known that the team’s non-Executive Chairman Niki Lauda is no fan of Mr. Alonso’s politicking.

Mr. Alonso has clearly stated that the reason he remains in F1 is to win a 3rd World Championship title,  but the truth is that for him to do so he needs a car that can challenge and beat Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), MercedesAMG and Red Bull Racing.

From what I have seen and continue to see is that McLaren will not be doing that anytime soon, something that is not lost on Mr. Alonso too.

It is common knowledge in the F1 paddock that Ferrari and MercedesAMG will not hire Mr. Alonso, thus his Dream of a 3rd title is just a dream.

He has not won a race since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix and he has not been on the F1 podium since Y 2014.

He is however the winner of 32 Grands Prix, the notion that he will quit the Tier 1 motorsport after the season finale in Abu Dhabi this year is a likely one, because there is simply little, if no light, at the end of the tunnel for him where he is now and there is no opening at the Big Three Teams.

That being the case we may see him in an Indy Car next season.

Have a terrific weekend.

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