F1: China Outlook, Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Can Put MercedesAMG on “Heels”

F1: China Outlook, Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Can Put MercedesAMG on “Heels”

F1: China Outlook, Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Can Put MercedesAMG on “Heels”


Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) victory in Australia by 10secs may have set the pace for this season, if The Scuderia wins this weeken in China MercedesAMG will will be put on Ferrari Red alert.

The Big Q: Can The Scuderia keep up that pace, or will Mercedes strike back over what may to be an terrific racing weekend in Shanghai?

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel’s ability to stretch his 1st run onger than Lewis Hamilton’s that proved Key to his victory in Australia, Toto Wolf’s angst, boding well for this weekend’s action

The Shanghai International Circuit has long been hard on tires, and even though Pirelli’s wider Y 2017 tires feature harder, more durable compounds, the long and fast corners could still play into Ferrari’s favor if Australia is a reliable guide.

Ferrari last won at Shanghai in Y 2013, and were last on Pole in Y 2004, the Inaugural event.

MercedesAMG, has secured the front of the grid for the last 5 years running, and won 4X over the frame

Part of that trend has been down to the strengths of Mercedes’ power unit, so richly rewarded on the season’s longest straight at 1.2 kilometres. But the indications are that Ferrari have closed the gap significantly – indeed customer team Haas even suggested the Scuderia could be ahead in the power stakes.

As has been the case all season Ferrari are not saying much, but MercedesMBZ expects a fight again this weekend.

“There are still many areas where we can be better,” says team boss Toto Wolff. “We have been focused on these during the past week. It’s not a case of looking at the competition for inspiration but of getting our own homework done to maximize our performance.”


According to weekend weather forecasts, rain is likely Sunday morning, while it may blow out by the time the lights go out, low temperatures mean a wet start is possible.

Friday is set to run under similar weather conditions, with Saturday predicted to be dry all day

The F1 teams and drivers have had a chance to sample their new racers in wet conditions of during Winter testing at Barcelona, but then they were lapping in isolation, rather than in the heat of the race and the middle of a pack of fast moving cars.

And that all means we may well see a different order between Saturday and Sunday, and that is before we get to the added strategic elements of trying to call conditions and pit stops on what might be a damp but drying race course.

F1 racing is always exciting.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 72.42 5 April 2017 -1.18 73.51 73.63 72.39 514,100
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.39) Neutral (0.20) Very Bullish (0.56) Bullish (0.40)

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