F1: The British Grand Prix this Weekend at Silverstone

F1: The British Grand Prix this Weekend at Silverstone

F1: The British Grand Prix this Weekend at Silverstone


Silverstone hosts F1 for the 51st time this weekend, and this Saturday marks 56 years since Ferrari won its 1st F1 constructors title.

Historically, it is impossible to overstate the importance of the British Grand Prix and Silverstone as a circuit.

The 1st official F1 Grand Prix was held at the disused World War II Royal Air Force bomber station in Y 1950, and the site has been used for the most of seasons since.

Aintree played host to F1 6X between Y 1955 and 1962, Brands Hatch alternated years with Silverstone from Y 1963 right through to Y 1986.

In the changing climate of F1, however, only Silverstone in the US is capable of hosting the Grand Prix Show today.

Looking back to the events from the series’ most recent stop in Austria, MercedesAMG’s Valtteri Bottas did not jump the start.

The FIA says that their systems work within certain tolerances and Mr. Bottas was clear of these so the victory stands, bringing him back into the championship points race.

Great news for F1 fans, bad news for MercedesAMG who now has the same problem as it has had the last 3 years, 2 drivers vying for the title, taking points away from each.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, the streets of London were awoken by the sound of F1 cars past and present at the first “F1 Live” event, a new initiative launched by Liberty Media  to bring the sport to the people.

19 drivers attended, Lewis Hamilton ignored his home fans in favor of partying in Greece.

Lewis Hamilton has won the last 3 British GPs that have seen rain in Y’s 2008, 2015 and 2016. And Mr. Hamilton is 1 win away from equaling Jim Clark and Alain Prost for most victories at the British GP

Lately, however, Silverstone’s owners, the Royal Automobile Club, are playing hard to get.

The venerable racing circuit signaled its withdrawal from the Formula One season from Y 2020, citing escalating costs.

It is an interesting moment for this the iconic motorsport. So much of F1’s appeal is wrapped up in its history, but its drive for a modern, glittering future risks leaving nostalgia behind.

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