F1: The Best Racing Weekends in the World of Motorsports

F1: The Best Racing Weekends in the World of Motorsports

F1: The Best Racing Weekends in the World of Motorsports


The 2017 F1 season began 2 weeks ago in Melbourne Australia with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel winning the opener on 26 March.

There are 19 races being held across the globe including, the USA, Italy, China, Canada, and Brazil.

An F1 event is a week long experience with the racing beginning Thursday morning as drivers meet to compete in 3 practice sessions, before battling to qualify for Pole position Saturday in order to make the best possible start to the Grand Prix Sunday

Three and 4-day tickets are available for fans who live and breathe the sport, ensuring they never miss a thing on the track.

Fans have lots of time to check out places in the city and around the circuit.

Below are the Top 5 F1 tracks to visit and watch the world most iconic meetings in motorsports.



The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated races of the year, when thousands flock to the city to witness 1 of the most glamorous sporting events in the world.

Away from the speed, passion, and noise of the race, fans can take a stroll by the famous harbor, mix with celebrities on a night out or try their hand in 1 of the city’s many casinos.

Monte Carlo is one of the most expensive places in Europe, so accommodation for the weekend will not be cheap.



Abu Dhabi closes the F1 season in Y 2017 and it would be tough to find a more spectacular setting for the closing event.

Fans will be hoping that the Drivers’ Championship will go down to the final day as it did last season. The world championship competition adds more excitement to the race.

The Ferrari World (NYSE:RACE) theme park is a must visit for racing fans, but the weekend does not have to just be about racing. It is also a chance to dine on some of the world’s best food, stay in 5-Star accommodation and relax on beautiful sandy beaches.



The Circuit de Spa has been home to the Belgium Grand Prix since Y 1950. It is 1 of the most famous tracks in the world.

There’s only one place for F1 fans to go on a weekend here, and it’s the City of Spa itself.

A vast choice of outdoor cafes and restaurants mean that spectators can soak up the Sun before returning to watch is often 1 of the greatest races of the season.



Surrounded by Alpine scenery, the Austrian town of Spielberg is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their time away from the track in the alps.

The race is scheduled for July, meaning no snow, but the mountains and hills surrounding Spielberg offers plenty of opportunity for mountain biking and hiking instead.



Baku hosted its 1st Grand Prix in Y 2016 and is another great destination for F1 fans. The circuit  is 1 of the fastest and most challenging street races on the calendar.

There is something for everyone to do here too.

The Old City offers an insight into the capital’s great history and for the children, Fountain Square is home to Europe’s largest indoor amusement arcade.

Racing is the Top priority for any F1 fans travelling to these destinations. But there is no reason not to make the most of the time they spend away from the circuits too.

For more information on this year’s F1 racing click here.

I follow them and all of the rest of the season outings.

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