F1 2019: Ferrari’s Championship Year!

F1 2019: Ferrari’s Championship Year!


It has now been 10 years since Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) won a F1 world championship. 

The Big Q: What has Ferrari and lead driver Sebastian Vettel learned from last year and what might change for them in 2019?

The Big A: Ferrari won more races and claimed more Pole positions at 6, than in any season in that 10 year frame, yet there was still a sense of underachievement as world championship leads over MercedesAMG during 1-H of the season gave way to distant title defeats.

Sebastian Vettel was blamed by the media for making too many errors, while Ferrari Team management lost their way on car development after the Summer break.

Journalist Carolo Vanzini said, “The picture was easy to see. Dividing the season in half up to Abu Dhabi, Sebastian Vettel was 1st in the championship and 8 points in front of Lewis Hamilton after 10 races. But he was only 5th, with Lewis 1st, over the next 10.

“We also have to say that the 1st 10 races were with Sergio Marchionne at the helm of Ferrari, whereas the rest were without him. I do not want to say there was a direct connection, but when a big boss like Marchionne passes away of course something will happen in a huge company like Ferrari. Particularly because maybe there are some who had a better relationship with him and some who had a worse relationship with him. So things change, but this happens in every company in such situations.

“For the championship, Sebastian made too many mistakes. In Germany when he was leading the race, in Monza with Lewis and then with Verstappen in Japan. He was also unlucky, because every time he went wheel-to-wheel with someone he spun. This was a pity because we could have had a great championship fight until the end.

“Ferrari was also not as competitive in the last part of the season as they were in the spring and summer period. They had to go back on some technical developments and understand why some things went wrong.

“I thought that Ferrari had the car to win the championship in 2018, or to at least arrive at the last race fighting for the championship. But Mercedes did a fantastic job and Lewis did the best season ever for him. Sebastian did some magical things during the season but if you want to win the championship you can’t make so many mistakes.”

The Big Q2: Is 2019 the big year for Sebastian Vettel?

The Big A2: Seb Vettel enters his 5th season with The Scuderia, and is still chasing what he has consistently described as his ‘dream’. That is becoming world champion with Ferrari, and the Italian fans,aka Tifosi.

Journalist Vanzini says, “It’s the same in Italy in all sports: if you win, you’re thought of as the best… Some people said if Ferrari still had Fernando Alonso last year they could have won the championship 2 or 3 races before the end of the season. When you do not win the situation is like this.

“Sebastian has to win the championship to be a hero for the Tifosi, but it was the same with Michael Schumacher. In 1997 after the crash with Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez a lot of Italian fans wanted to have another driver. But then you saw Michael won 5 championships in a row from 2000.

Schumi won his 1st championship for Ferrari in his 5th season. He won with a new team-mate, Rubens Barrichello. Now it’s the 5th season for Sebastian with a new team-mate in Leclerc – although we do not yet know if he will win the championship!

“At the moment he is not loved like a big hero, but there is respect for him. Italians know he has won four championships in a row at Red Bull, 2 of which were against Ferrari and Fernando at the last race of the season, so he has to be a champion.

“I feel that it’s really good to have the change with Leclerc arriving because you have something new to see – and you will see more about Sebastian.

“It will be a very interesting season and start of the season in particular. Sebastian could be in front without any problem or Charles could be in front. Will we talk about Sebastian’s career being over or about him winning the championship?

“I don’t know, but it’s important during the winter to have a different dynamic after the last two championships when Ferrari have lost out. I love Kimi but it was the right time to change something.”

The Big Q3: Will there be big changes at The Scuderia?

The Big A3+: Mr. Leclerc’s arrival aside, evolution rather than revolution appears set to characterize Ferrari’s approach to the wider team for Y 2019, as they attempt to build on the undoubted progress made since a winless Y 2016 season. But will it be enough given the continued strength of 5-time champions MercedesAMG?

Journalist Vanzini went on to say, “I will repeat what Maurizio Arrivabene said: the team needs the same people in the same places. Jock Clear will be working more with Leclerc and this is important because Jock has been a brilliant driver engineer with Villeneuve, Schumacher and Hamilton in the past. He has a lot of experience.

“Laurent Mekies, the FIA’s former deputy race director, has joined in the revived sporting director role, which is important when you talk about what happens on the track.

“I do not think there will be an ‘earthquake’ like you sometimes think there might be internally at Ferrari. But they need to talk, they need to understand each other to find the best way to stay at the Top level and compete with MercedesAMG and Red Bull Racing.

“So I hope we experience an incredible season with more than 2 drivers fighting for the championship.”

Stay tuned…

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