Exploring 2 Beautiful Castles in Burgundy

Exploring 2 Beautiful Castles in Burgundy

Franche Comté is very rich in castles of all architectural styles. And Burgundy boasts some of France’s most spectacular castles, with more than 70 buildings to explore.

From Renaissance chateaux to survivors from the days before the Revolution or other more intimate castles, in Burgundy, there is something for every taste.

Below are 2 of the most beautiful Castles of Burgundy, as follows:

Château de Tanlay (Bourgogne Franche Comté)

Château de Tanlay
  • Location: Tanlay
  • Architectural Style: Renaissance

The Château de Tanlay is a French château built in Renaissance style in Burgundy during the XVI and XVII Centuries.

It is one of the most beautiful castles in the region of Bourgogne, famous for its unique setting and awesome architecture with slate roofs à la française.

The castle is totally surrounded by a moat, with access through a bridge. The reflections of the castle on the water and the perfect symmetry of the cour d’honneur is part of Tanlay’s serene charm.

The castle was totally rebuilt by the Admiral de Coligny in the XVI Century, who inherited the property in ruinous conditions. Home of the family of Admiral Coligny during the Wars of Religion, its reconstruction was completed by Michel Particelli d’Hemery, Mazarin’s superintendent of Finance.

In the late XVII Cntury, Château de Tanlay became the property of the Marquis de Tanlay and it is still inhabited by the family.

Château de Ratilly (Bourgogne – Franche Comté)

Château de Ratilly
  • Location: Treigny
  • Architectural Style: Medieval

This beautiful chateau in France is located on the Top of a hill overlooking the Valley of the Tendril. The site is near the Seine-Loire watershed. The current castle was built in the XIII Century following a Philippian plan: an enclosure with 6 turrets delimited a rectangular courtyard.

The whole is surrounded by dry moats, with 2 towers framing the drawbridge. In the middle of the XIV Century, during the Hundred Years War, the castle was home to a group of looters.

Years later, in Y 1567, the castle became 1 of the headquarters for the Huguenots in the Auxerrois.

During the Renaissance, the castle was transformed into a habitation for Mary de Puy. The renovation works included the installation of chimneys and windows open in the walls of the towers while the south-west tower became a garret.

In the XVIII and XIX Centuries, the estate was sold several times. Today, the Château de Ratilly is opened to the public as an art center.

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