Expecting DOJ to Release Anti-Trump Fake Fusion Dossier Payor

Expecting DOJ to Release Anti-Trump Fake Fusion Dossier Payor

Expecting DOJ to Release Anti-Trump Fake Fusion Dossier Payor


President Donald Trump slammed the Russia investigation and the media Saturday, calling on the US Justice Department (DOJ) to disclose who paid for the unsubstantiated dossier after Fusion GPS officials invoked the Fifth Amendment before Congress.

Here are his Twitter posts:

Officials behind the now discredited “Dossier” plead the Fifth. Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it.

Keep hearing about “tiny” amount of money spent on Facebook ads. What about the billions of dollars of Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS?

 The Fusion GPS officials, co-founder Peter Fritsch and top deputy Thomas Catan, invoked their rights before the House Intelligence Committee last Wednesday.

Messrs Fritsch and Catan took the Fifth on every Question posed by committee members in the classified session.

They had been subpoenaed to appear before the panel, and Fusion’s other co-founder, Glenn Simpson, has been summoned to appear at a later date.

Regarding the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Tweet, it was reported last month that officials at the social networking site told Congress that a Russian “troll farm” had spent $100,000 in ads during last year’s campaign.

 The report noted that “the ad spending from Russia is tiny relative to overall campaign costs,” according to Facebook officials.

President Trump has long slammed the “fake news” media for its coverage of his administration, including his post Saturday that the press ignored the record highs Wall Street posted Friday.

On Friday, President Trump Tweeted “thank you” to news commentator Gerald Rivera after he charged that “anything he does is construed in the worst possible light as evil” by the press.

Have a terrific weekend.

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