Expect the Unexpected: Mueller to Expose Obama’s Domestic Spying

Expect the Unexpected: Mueller to Expose Obama’s Domestic Spying

Expect the Unexpected: Mueller to Expose Obama’s Domestic Spying

The excitement over senior Barack Hussein Obama adviser/s unmasking identities of Trump officials is larger than most can imagine.

US President Donald Trump and his supporters say the former national security adviser, Susan Rice, engaged in domestic political spying when she asked for the identities of President Trump’s Transition Team officials caught up in surveillance of foreign targets.

Democrats and some Trump haters say the fixation on Ms. Rice is a distraction from the real story, that being collusion between The Trump Campaign and Russia.

Ms. Rice unmasked names in intelligence reports, and so the Trump critics say she was justified because of the unique threat of Russian influence over the incoming President.

The Susan Rice Scandal is larger than most people imagine, because it raises the question of abuse of the US’ surveillance apparatus.

A senior White House official can learn a lot about political opposition by unmasking the redacted names of US citizens caught up in the routine surveillance of foreign targets.

In the Hussein Obama years it was routine for senior government officials to request the identities of those Americans.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, III (R-SC) told a reporter recently, “The issues are serious enough to warrant an open-minded, objective review, but we don’t have all the information necessary to draw to a conclusion.”

That is important.

Mr. Gowdy says he still has not received exact numbers on how many times Ms. Rice or other senior Obama officials made requests to unmask US citizens in intelligence reports.

He said he does not have enough information to determine whether the volume of requests or their dissemination within the intelligence community were unusual yet.

His committee learned this week that Mr. Hussein Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, also made a number of unmasking requests in her final year and days in office.

The Big Q’s: Was that unusual or part of Ms. Power’s job?  Why did Ms. Power need that information?

 “I can only judge within the strictures of my interactions,” Mr. Gowdy said. “I cannot extrapolate to broader points until I talk to all the witnesses and see all the documents. The next witness could contradict all of what Ms. Rice said.”

Mr. Gowdy told a DC reporter that he has come to the view that the unmasking issue has little to do with Russia, and much to do with the vast surveillance powers accrued in recent years by the national security state under Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and used politically by The Obama Admin, under the law a high crime.

At the end of Y 2015, Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) became aware of the White House unmasking members of Congress who met with Israeli leaders during the debate over the Iran nuclear deal. They succeeded in getting the intelligence community to agree to inform congressional leaders in the future when members of Congress are unmasked.

It is said that Mr. Gowdy himself is not opposed to the surveillance programs authorized under Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

But he does acknowledge that the difficult time his committee has had getting more information from the intelligence agencies about The Hussein Obama Admin’s unmasking requests makes broad surveillance a tough sell to his colleagues this fall as Congress looks to vote again to reauthorize these programs.

“My interest is in going to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and saying this is an important national security tool and this is how it’s used,” Mr. Gowdy said. “A lot of my colleagues right now are very skeptical of reauthorizing this because of how little we know about unmasking.”

Now back to President Trump.

When President came into the Oval Office he faced an epidemic of highly classified leaks, which forced General Flynn to resign and led USAG, Jeff Sessions, to recuse himself from the DOJ’s investigation into Russian influence of the November election.

Add to this the report Tuesday that former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was surveilled under FISA authorization both Before and after the Election.

It is easy then to see in this context that President Trump was genuinely concerned that former President Barack Hussein Obama had turned the watchful eye of the US government against him.

Soon we will learn from Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russia’s influence of the 2016 election, whether the government’s eavesdroppers were warranted in their suspicion of President Trump and his associates, we expect not.

The curtain will not fall on Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but shift to the domestic spying crimes of Barack Hussein Obama and his Gang.

Remember, the Democrats did not expect Donald Trump to win the election, are still in shock, have not been able to develop any dark files on him, and they have tried even to the point of concocting fakes.

Note: “Unmasking” is the revealing in intelligence reports of the identities of Americans whose communications or information about whom have been “incidentally” intercepted during foreign-intelligence-collection operations.

Stay tuned…

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