Expect to See Fewer and Fewer NFL Players Taking “a knee”

Expect to See Fewer and Fewer NFL Players Taking “a knee”

Expect to See Fewer and Fewer NFL Players Taking “a knee”

Thursday, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said that President Donald Trump “will win this fight” with the NFL over players protesting during the national anthem.

“The NFL has gone through 2 phases” in responding to the controversy over players kneeling during the pregame national anthem, Mr. Fleischer said on TV. “First phase was internal, trying to have unity with the players, that is why you saw the owners lock arms with players.”

“Here is the problem for the NFL,” Mr. Fleischer continued. “President Donald Trump will win this fight. And so, the NFL has to figure out a way to have fewer players every week to take “a knee”, otherwise the NFL is going to stay in hot water.”

He also said that President  Trump’s comments have unified players and owners, even those who supported Trump’s campaign, saying he “created a whole lot more kneelers.

 “The fans and sponsors do not like it. Most Americans don’t like it. Forget Donald Trump for a minute. Everybody believes, almost everybody for the national anthem place your hand over your heart and take off your hat. That’s how we are raised, most people are in this country. Interesting stat: only 12% of NFL players did not stand for the national anthem. 88% did. Still after all this fuss, 88% of players wanted to stand for the national anthem.” And the mainstream media is not reporting it.

He added, “there is a big group of players who don’t want to deal with this issue. They want to play football and also want to respect the flag. That is the fight Donald Trump is picking. I will say I do not  think these players were not SOBs, I wish the President hadn’t used those remarks. The President is right about the broad issue. These guys are thoughtful and they are trying to figure things out. I do not like the fact they decided to take “a knee”. I think it’s wrong and disrespectful. They are struggling with something about race and trying to figure it out.”

Again, President Trump wins the fight here.

Stay tuned…

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