Expect President Donald Trump to Quit Paris Climate Agreement

Expect President Donald Trump to Quit Paris Climate Agreement

Expect President Donald Trump to Quit Paris Climate Agreement

US President Elect Donald Trump is seeking ways of withdrawing from a global agreement to limit climate change, a source on his transition team said.

Since he was elected last Tuesday, governments ranging from China to small island states have reaffirmed support for the Y 2015 Paris Agreement at 200-nation climate talks running until 18 November in Morocco.

Donald Trump has called global warming a hoax and has promised to quit the Paris Agreement is moving to bypass a fanciful 4-year procedure for leaving the accord, according to the source, who works on Trump’s transition team for international energy and climate policy.

It was reckless for the Paris Agreement to enter into force before the US Election.The Paris Agreement won enough backing for entry into force on 4 November

Alternatives are to send a letter withdrawing from a 1992 Convention that is the parent treaty of the Paris Agreement, voiding US involvement in both in a year’s time, or to issue a Presidential Order simply deleting the US signature from the Paris accord

If the US decides to withdraw it calls the agreement into question.


UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa declined to comment on the Donald Trump official position.

Saying, the United Nations hopes for a strong and constructive relationship with President Donald Trump.

US President Barack Hussein Obama joining up by an Executive Order, without getting approval from the US Senate.

Obama’ s petulance has spawned diplomatic fallout on the broader international agenda/s.

Stay tuned

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