Exclusive Interview with Kenneth Ash, President of Indocan Resources

Exclusive Interview with Kenneth Ash, President of Indocan Resources


Exclusive Interview with Kenneth Ash, the President and member of the Board of Directors of Indocan Resources, Inc. (IDCN)

Saturday, I sat down with Kenneth, a successful manager-owner-operator of multi- million dollar weekly oceanfront rental properties to discuss the entrance of Indocan into the booming North American Hemp industry.

We talked about the importance of his business to the burgeoning industry, the community and the stakeholders of the Company.

Paul Ebeling, with Kenneth Ash

Q:  Ken, please tell us about your company, what it does, how the business works?

A: Paul, first of all let me thank you for the opportunity to meet and speak to you, your readers and worldwide network about Indocan.

Last year our company applied for and was issued a license by the State of Wisconsin to grow industrial Hemp.

Q: Has Indocan started to grow the Hemp plants?

A: Yes, on our farm we are cultivating about 500 of industrial Hemp plants, some of which will be used for the extraction of full spectrum CBD oil.

Q: Was it expensive to start Indocan’s industrial hemp farm?

A: Start-up expenses were modest and provided by Indocan’s management Team, and and buildings were leased from the operations manager,and other third parties.

Q: I understand that Indocan recently brought in its first harvest, is that correct?

A: Yes, and we are preparing that harvest for extraction and raw bud sales. 

Q: Have you managed to sample and test the harvested hemp Indocan will offer to the public for sale in the US, and beyond where it is legal?

A: Yes Paul we have been through that process and the laboratory potency testing has shown our crop to be .3% THC or lower, and very high in CBD.

Q: When will Indocan begin production of its CBD oil and other products?

A: We purchased a state of the art ultrasonic extractor and management, along with strategic partner, Great Lakes Hemp LLC, is assembling and will begin testing in the very near future.  I expect we will be in full production just as soon as installation is complete. We have our first harvest ready to process right now. Great Lakes Hemp will be leasing the extractor from Indocan, after Indocan has processed its crop.  It will process its own crop, and custom process for its clients. Medicinal herbs will also be processed in the future.

Q: You mentioned other products, what are some of them?

A: Of course we produce high quality full spectrum CBD oil and raw bud at our grow facilities in Wisconsin.  We are currently purchasing clones, which are cuttings from mother plants, to be developed into mother plants to be cloned in the spring for planting and sales.

Q: What are the benefits of CBD oil to the community, Ken?

ACBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp, which may:

* Reduce pain & inflammation.

* Treat seizures, acne, & insomnia.

* Reduce anxiety & depression.

* Relieve nausea & stimulate appetite.

* Provide an antidote to the opioid epidemic.

Q: Ok, now what is the market for products made from industrial hemp in the US?

A: According to The Hemp Business Journal, currently, it is estimated that the CBD market will grow to $22-Billion  in consumer sales by 2020, with $736-Million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources.

Q: And Indocan’s mission is?

A: In addition to growing hemp for the production of CBD oil, we are forming strategic partnerships with sales channels to market CBD oil in value-added products. As well as cloning plants and growing crops year-round in indoors grow facilities, greenhouses, to generate a steady revenue stream,medicinal herb extracts will be included for addition to our range of products.

Q: What do you see as the Keys to success for Indocan’s entry into the premium medical Cannabis industry?

A: We are established, and will maintain grow sites to produce full spectrum hemp for CBD oil production, and to provide equipment and services to other growers, including laboratory facilities and marketing.

Also, Indocan’s specialized business strategy is to operate ina regional area to grow hemp and provide extraction, consulting, and additional services to other growers. Currently, we have lease agreements on four properties and have grown and produced on three of them. We have just concluded a property lease agreement that will allow us to increase plant numbers exponentially in the 2019 growing season.

Thank you, Ken.

We here at HeffX-LTN are looking forward to your continuing progress and formidable success in the multiple aspects of the full spectrum hemp industry which will include hemp growing, cloning, extraction,laboratory services, equipment leasing and sales of value- added products, in conjunction with present and future strategic partners.

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