Ex-Hussein Obama Spy Chief’s Could Use Secrets to Undermine President Trump

Ex-Hussein Obama Spy Chief’s Could Use Secrets to Undermine President Trump

Ex-Hussein Obama Spy Chief’s Could Use Secrets to Undermine President Trump

Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik says spy chiefs who constantly attack President Trump and accuse him of treason are attempting to “undermine” his administration.

Commissioner Kerik, who served as the provision Interior Minister of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, supports Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) proposal to revoke the Top-Secret clearances of several high-ranking former intelligence officials.

“I think there’s a great danger to having talking heads on TV who are ex-CIA agents and still have classified clearance,” Senator Paul said. “There’s a real danger that they might inadvertently reveal classified information.”

EX-CIA chief Brennan, for example, Tweeted on 16 July that President Trump’s news conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was “nothing short of treasonous.”

Mr. Kerik said Mr. Brennan’s “rhetoric is dangerous.” Like Paul, Kerik maintains Brennan, Clapper, and others have engaged in vitriolic attacks that effectively disqualify them from access to top-secret U.S. intelligence.

“These are not guys who should have access to classified information in any way . . . Anybody who was engaged in this kind of conduct at a lower level would have their clearance pulled – there’s no way it would happen.”

Mr. Kerik is also concerned Hussein Obama holdovers in the federal bureaucracy “would not feel uncomfortable talking with them, briefing them, and giving them internal information that they then go out and use against the president because they despise them.”

Outgoing intelligence chiefs traditionally have been given the opportunity to retain their Top-Secret clearances in case they are called upon to consult with incoming officials on sensitive operations that must be transferred from one administration to the next.

Mr. Kerik notes it is difficult to think of a precedent for the current tenor of attacks on President Trump from Hussein Obama-era intelligence officials.

Mr. Kerik said: “This constant attack and constant rhetoric, I strongly believe, is intended to undermine the president and to create division within the government . . . and do stuff to create havoc for the administration.”

Senator Paul’s call to cancel the Top-Secret clearances has drawn attention to the high-profile roles some former intelligence chiefs are playing in the media.

Mary Beth Long, the first woman confirmed to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Defense – she served in that capacity from Ys 2007 to 2009 under former President George W. Bush (43) Tweeted earlier this week: “If they want to be journalists, fine; but you cannot be one with access to intel.”

Mr. Kerik agrees, “I strongly believe that they have communications with prior administration holdovers who have access to classified information, when they should not,” he says.

“They shouldn’t be getting anything, especially given their anti-administration rhetoric.”


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