Evidence of Espionage Points to Hillary Clinton

Evidence of Espionage Points to Hillary Clinton

Evidence of Espionage Points to Hillary Clinton

Thursday, Judge Andrew Napolitano implored USAG Jeff Sessions to take the case against Hillary Clinton to a grand jury, saying the “evidence of her guilt is overwhelming on espionage.”

Judge Napolitano made the comments Thursday morning on TV adding that the Attorney General should make up for the sins committed by former FBI Director James Comey.

“They did go easy on Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey was profoundly wrong. He was wrong on the facts. He was wrong on the law. He was wrong to make the decision we’re not going to prosecute her.

“Jeff Sessions … should re-examine the evidence against Mrs. Clinton, give it to prosecutors and say present it to a grand jury. The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming on espionage,” he said.

“Now we know the evidence of her guilt in lying to the FBI is overwhelming. All of that should be sent to a grand jury,” the Judge said.

Judge Napolitano offered high praise to “very trustworthy” Christopher Wray, the new FBI director who spent Thursday testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.

“The wrong people are testifying; Loretta Lynch should be testifying. Jim Comey should be testifying.”

“Chris Wray is very trustworthy. He is very new in the job. He is going to get some slack, basically,” Napolitano said. “He has the unenviable position of defending events and decisions that took place long before he was there. … Chris Wray had nothing to do with this.”

On that sacked FBI agent working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team that was removed over bias for Mrs. Clinton.

“Every FBI agent I know – you know these men and women – they have Political opinions like the rest of us,” he said. “If the FBI hates the mob, can he be involved in a mob investigation? FBI agents have biases like everybody.

“Judges and juries have to be Pure as Caesar’s wife,” Judge Napolitano said.

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