Every Great Story is 1 of Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Setbacks

Every Great Story is 1 of Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Setbacks

In over 70 years, the Wizard of Oz’s basic message still resonates, it is the ability to overcome challenges rests within each of us as a person.

Below are a few tips to help open up Courage, Brains and Heart, as follows:

  1. Turn the brain switch to positive. Psychologists call it “the negativity bias,” the way your brain tend to focus on real or imagined threats or dangers. Switch your focus to positive things in your world, your appreciations, just like Dorothy’s thoughts of home and Aunty Em. What you focus on is what you attract, and if you keep replaying in your mind some negative situation, wishing it were different, you won’t move ahead with solutions.
  2. Celebrate and reward yourself. Recognize your own achievements and make sure you reward yourself with a “greatest hits” list of your peaks, achievements, successes, meaning any time you felt powerful and confident. Then you have something to switch your thinking to when you find yourself frozen in fear or worry over a worst-case scenario.
  3. Label that emotion. Catch what you are feeling in challenge, be it embarrassment, failure, sadness, guilt, rejection, or loss. Neuroscientists believe that labeling emotions reduces the stalemate of being in an emotional fog, and allows you to focus on solutions to move forward. It gives you a little time to separate yourself from the roadblock to take some steps in a good direction.
  4. Success includes failure. Often the roadblock to your moving forward is perfectionism, meaning too high expectations rendering you afraid you will not match up make mistakes, and perhaps fail. Choose the level of effort you are going to put in, and look at the smallest possible steps toward your challenge. Learns to use mistakes, chooses a new goal, and keeps moving forward.
  5. Questions gives you answers. So ask the Big Q: Why is this task important

Consider that you may not be seeing the situation clearly and there are always more options. This helps to take control of a situation which then builds momentum to move ahead.

The more options, the more possibility to find answers to a problem.

Writing these questions and answers in a journal has shown to be an effective tool for progress for many.

  1. Passion plows through challenges. But sometimes finding the passion is a roadblock. So, take inventory of what you love and anything you feel good at. Make a list of a few people you admire, you might spot a pattern in that list to reveal your passions. Think of your childhood fun, kids all love something, what it meant. And ask this, “If I were guaranteed success in something with no chance of failing, I would…”
  2. Fist clench conditioning. Think of a moment when you felt confident self- assured and clench your fist. Repeat the same thing for a few days. When you meet a challenge or set back, and you do not feel so powerful, clench your fist and that should bring that confident, self-assured feeling back.
  3. Stand tall. Psychologists affirm that posture, body language makes brain changes. Standing tall gives your brain the confident message. Even a self-identified “little person” use this technique to be “tall” and confident and not compare size to anyone.
  4. In the other one’s shoes. When stuck or at a roadblock, think of a person you admire and what he/she would do in the situation to take care of it. Sometimes obstacles are a misunderstanding or generalization. In viewing your situation from someone’s successful perspective, then gain insight from that taste of success which empowers and motivates.
  5. Re-framing time. During setback, imagine a different future, say 5 years from now when the problem will already be solved. The figure out what you have to do in order to reach the future.

We will always face challenges set-backs and obstacles throughout our lives,, but there are always ways to get over, through or around them.

We have a brain, a heart, and courage, that makes our stories great!

Make it happen!

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