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European Cryptocurrency Exchange Partners With BLOCK 30 Financial


BLOCK 30 Financial and the European Cryptocurrency Exchange (EUCX) today announced a global strategic partnership between their two companies. The pairing will result in the featured use of BLOCK Indexes and BLOCK ETX (Exchange Traded Index) products on the EUCX trading exchange, planned for launch in 2019-2020.

“EUCX gives us an immediate, well curated and highly compliant footprint into the European region. ere we have had a lot of customer demand for our BLOCK Indexes and BLOCK Exchange Traded Index (ETX) products,” said Brian McLaren Foote, CEO of BLOCK 30 Financial. “We are excited to start with the EUCX in Europe and expand quickly to other markets. Our team that is in it for the long haul and we share the same values and commitment to better financial products and technologies for the customer.”

Similar To The DJIA or S+P

For the traditional markets, the strategic partnership will result in the use of BLOCK Indexes. To in turn help customers understand the new digital asset trading markets.

This partnership will also include the listing of tokenized BLOCK ETX financial products – such as the BLOCK 5, BLOCK 10 and BLOCK 30 – allowing customers to buy a basket of assets in one click.

In the last 25 years alone, ETFs have become a $5 Trillion financial product line by offering simple, one-click baskets of traditional assets for customers,” said Eric H. den Boer, CEO of EUCX. “We seek to offer the same concept, for the top performing asset class of the decade so far.”

“BLOCK 30 is ushering a new generation of global financial products with tokenized BLOCK ETX products”. The ability for millions of global customers to start investing in simple baskets of digital assets is a multi-billion dollar opportunity. Over time – tokenized versions of BLOCK stocks, bonds and real estate will be a multi billion dollar opportunity as well. We wanted to be on the front end of that journey.”

“EUCX is perfectly positioned to provide the implementation of these new product lines. With its new Market Technology systems. Which delivers high frequency trading across digital assets, foreign exchange and other tokenized types of BLOCK investment products,” said Foote. “Milliseconds matter now in the global markets – and we’re architecting a new generation of financial products to solve for that.”

BLOCK 30 Financial is a financial products and multi-asset strategy firm, headquartered in California. EUCX is a digital asset exchange headquartered in Netherlands, where it is slated for rollout in 2019-2020 timeframe.

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