EU Hopes To Sell More Agro-products To China

EU Hopes To Sell More Agro-products To China

EU Hopes To Sell More Agro-products To China

The European Union (EU) hopes to export more agro-products to China, a senior EU official said Friday ahead of a trade promotion trip to China.

China is a crucial market for EU agro-products and has seen considerable growth in recent years, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan said as he embarked on a 6-day campaign accompanied by a group of European business leaders.

During the trip, part of an EU program to boost agricultural sales inside and outside the EU, Hogan will meet with Chinese agricultural and commerce ministers and attend a series of promotion events.

Hogan said he would highlight the quality of Europe’s products in hopes of stimulating further demand from China, which is now the 2nd largest importer of EU agro-products.

Describing bi-lateral agricultural cooperation as “excellent,” Hogan said he looked forward to showing Europe’s openness to business, in particular for agro-products.

Business delegates of 44 agriculture-related enterprises and organizations from more than 15 EU member states will join Mr. Hogan to seek more business opportunities in China.

China purchased 8% of all EU agricultural exports in Y 2015, only lower than that of the United States. On top of China’s shopping list were infant food, pork, offal, wine & spirits, and dairy products.

The EU is the 5th largest importer of Chinese agriculture exports, mostly buying fresh and processed vegetables and fruits.

Mr. Hogan will attend the G7 agriculture ministers’ meeting in Japan after concluding his visit to the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

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