Ethereum Markets Rallied Last Week, Looks to Continue

Ethereum Markets Rallied Last Week, Looks to Continue

Ethereum Markets Rallied Last Week, Looks to Continue


The Ethereum (ETH) markets initially dipped last week, then after US Tax Day saw Key support at $500 and bounced, breaking above the important resistance at the $600 mark, then heading to $700.

Currently, Ethereum is trading at: 634.74, +13.41, or +2.1583%, as of 4:11a BST, the market is open and the circulating supply is 98.7-M ETH.

Technically the indicators tell us the price of ETH will move to $800 sooner rather than later, as the buyers and traders come back into market with the sense that it had seen and set a bottom.

We will see short-term dips that offer value, there are strong bids under the market, as long as the price is stable above support at $400, eventually the buyers and traders will again take hold of the market driving it North.

The HeffX-LTN Technicals and Sentiment are Neutral to Bullish in here.

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Have a terrific week.

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