Eric Trump, “My Dad Will Prosecute a Case Against Hillary Clinton”

Eric Trump, “My Dad Will Prosecute a Case Against Hillary Clinton”

Eric Trump, “My Dad Will Prosecute a Case Against Hillary Clinton”

Hillary Clinton cannot  stand on her track record.

Wednesday, Eric Trump promised his father will “prosecute the case” against rival nominee Hillary Clinton during the upcoming final Presidential debate.

“Believe me, he will prosecute the case,” Eric Trump said on TV. “He can prosecute it better than anybody you saw quite frankly in the debate. Hillary Clinton cannot  stand on her track record.”

He predicts his father will win his race, as Americans want the country back, but at the same time, he is a civilian in the election process who is looking forward to a return to non-political life.

“I do not want anything to do with politics when this thing is over,” Eric Trump said. “I find so many politicians [are] truly horrible people.”

However, Eric Trump said he has been campaigning in all the swing states, including Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, and North Carolina, and “you see the love” for his father, and he believes the GOP nominee will win his election.

“I have 500- 1,000 people coming out to see me speak,” said Eric Trump. “When you see a thousand to have me speak, we see movement. The People want the country back. They want America back. They’re sick of getting ripped off by overseas companies.

“Sick of us losing our jobs and sick of us losing our manufacturing. Sick of health care costs going through the roof. Sick of 22 veterans taking their own lives every day because of the VA failing our military.”

Eric Trump said he was in Ohio the last few days, and “you could not drive a mile without seeing Trump signs. Everywhere we go, it is the same.”

He complained that media is not covering his father fairly or addressing findings in emails released through WikiLeaks.

“Some stuff happening is truly, truly sick,” said Eric Trump. “They are making fun of evangelicals. They’re making fun of Christians. Mocking, ‘needy Latinos.’ No is one talking about it.

“Videos coming out last couple days — a person who worked for the DNC, person works for Democrats who was in the White House 339 times — is bragging on hidden camera how he was inciting violence at all of the Trump rallies, at the Trump rally in Chicago we had to cancel.”

In the debate, Eric Trump said, his father will assure Americans that his policies are what is best for the United States.

“Our country has been totally left behind,” he said. “We have $20 trillion worth of debt. We have an educational system in the country ranked 30th in the world . . . People are making less than what they made 15 years ago.

Obamacare, Hillary says we could tweak it and make it work, Obamacare doesn’t work.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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