Eric Trump, Dad Wants to ‘Protect Our Country’ with Immigration Stance

Eric Trump, Dad Wants to ‘Protect Our Country’ with Immigration Stance

Eric Trump, Dad Wants to ‘Protect Our Country’ with Immigration Stance

Friday, Eric Trump defended his father’s immigration and deportation plans, saying wants to “protect this country and preserve the wages of 320-M people who live here.”

“It’s very, very sad,” Eric Trump said in a TV interview. “The median income hasn’t gone up in 15 years and yet we have thousands and thousands of people coming across the border. They pose a real security risk and my father wants to take care of the problem.”

Eric  Trump said his father wants to deport immigrants who are living illegally in the country and causing “massive problems.”


“I think it took tremendous leadership for him to go down to Mexico and meet with the president but when you saw the meeting the president of Mexico said it was a two-way street,” Eric Trump said.

“He said America has a real problem with tremendous drugs coming across the border,” he continued. “We have tremendous problem with the money coming back into our country and we have a tremendous problem with guns and different weapons coming into the country which are hurting the cartel.”

“I think they left it in a good way, then the leftist media spins it,” he went on. “But it was clear from both leaders that a border is necessary for the protection of their own country.”

Eric Trump spoke about his father’s outreach to minority voters, telling the show the Hispanic and the African-American communities have been “largely left behind in this country.”

“My father wants to bring jobs back into our country, he wants to make our country safe.”

He also commented about the ongoing news concerning the Clinton Foundation and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, saying “nothing surprises” him anymore.

“It’s pay to play on the highest level,” he said. “Americans deserve better. We The People deserve a lot better and these government officials are employees of ours, the American people.”

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