EQUIRIDE Uber for Horses

EQUIRIDE Uber for Horses

EQUIRIDE Uber for Horses

EQUIRIDE is a horse transportation ridesharing app. With EQUIRIDE, you can tap to request a shipment, and an experienced horseman meet you to load the horse. During the EQUIRIDE the owner and trainer will be able to track the horse through the app.

A few taps and it’s done, the days of calling and waiting are over. Payment process– No more surprise bills in the mail a month later, EQUIRIDE payment process is simple and instant. Owners and trainers can view their horses on a map during any point of the shipment. EQUIRIDE will send you notifications when your horse arrives.

Drivers are rated by users and only the highest-rated drivers are driving your horse. The drivers are experienced horsemen with a truck and trailer. Each driver has been interviewed and passed our mentor session before they are permitted to drive on our platform. Their equipment has been inspected and will routinely be spot checked insuring the horse’s safety.


Race & Return

Shared Equiride :

Trainers can reserve a stall on a driver’s trailer. Other trainers can also reserve a stall if they have a horse leaving from and going to the same location. The cost is divided equally between the owners saving them money.

Private Equiride :

Trainers can reserve a driver for only their horse(s).


Ship to Sale :

Horses are picked up from a designated location then taken to the auction house and delivered to the consignment agent.

Purchased/RNA :

Horses are picked up from the auction house and taken to the designated location. Horses are dropped off as efficiently as possible.

Breeding Shed

The mare is picked up from the designated location and taken to the breeding shed. The driver will wait during the process, then return the mare the designated location.

One Way/Round Trip

If a horse needs to be shipped for any other reason. The cost is based on the mileage driven.


If the hose needs critical care and needs to be taken to a vet or hospital. An alert will be sent to all nearby drivers notifying them there is an emergency.

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