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Emirates Crew Take Care of Man Fallen Sick Mid Flight


It’s not easy being a flight attendant. Not only do you have to ensure a comfortable flight for your passengers, you also have to keep all the safety checks in mind. And should there be an emergency, you also have to ensure that all passengers are safe and sound, putting their safety over your own.

The crew at Emirates, Dubai’s flagship airline, is known all over the world for their best-in-class service. So it’s not surprising when a passenger, who got unwell on a flight, was given the utmost care right from boarding until touchdown.

Arjun Gupta, a process automation developer, was flying with his family from London to New Delhi via Dubai, on an Emirates flight, when he started feeling unwell.

According to his post on Quora, the air hostess took his temperature from time to time, gave him medicines, and offered light snacks from time to time.

Here’s his complete post:

“I was traveling with my family from London (LHR) to New Delhi via Dubai. We were scheduled to travel on an Emirates flight. We reached the airport late as we got stuck in traffic. It was also hot and we were wrapping up a family vacation so we were all tired.

As we were standing in the security lines at LHR, I began feeling sick and physically weak. My sickness reached a point that I was finding it hard to walk to the flight as well. Anyways, I managed to board the flight and upon boarding, I requested to speak to an air hostess.

Luckily, an air hostess from India came up to me and enquired about my health. After listening to me, she went and spoke to the senior purser on board before take-off. She came back and told me to wait until take-off and gave me a glass of water.

We took off and the moment the crew got to work, she came to my seat with some cookies and asked me to eat them. I ate it. Then five minutes later, she came with a cup of warm water and a tablet of paracetamol. She also had a thermometer and took my temperature and then asked me to have the medicine. I ate the medicine, and 20 minutes later she came to me with a cup of green tea. She then asked me to try to grab some sleep. I slept for about an hour and when I woke up, my mom told me that the air hostess had come twice to check on me and see if I had woken up so that she could bring my lunch which I had missed.

We called her and she said she would be back in a minute. This time she again with a thermometer and took my temperature. It had come down and she said she would first bring a cup of green tea again. After that, I got my lunch and she told me to call her in another two hours so that she could give me one more dose of paracetamol before we landed in Dubai.
I called her multiple times to ask for green tea and cookies because I was finding those two things easy to eat. She did not say no once all this while, even though I was giving her such a lot of trouble.

Before landing, she again came and noted down my temperature and offered to contact the ground staff so that a wheelchair could be arranged to get me to my next flight to New Delhi. She also offered to have a doctor on stand-by when we landed so that I could be offloaded first and the doctor could have a look at me if needed. But I was feeling better and I politely declined. I did ask that crew member her name.

Upon reaching Delhi, I tweeted to Emirates about how that air hostess had helped me in the flight. I hope she continues to rise in her career.
This was one of the best treatments I have been given by an airline crew member.”

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