Elite GOP Senators Terrified, WH Proxy Has “Targets on Their Backs”

Elite GOP Senators Terrified, WH Proxy Has “Targets on Their Backs”

Elite GOP Senators Terrified, WH Proxy Has “Targets on Their Backs”

Recall what I wrote in this column several weeks ago when President Trump’s inside advisor, Steve Bannon left the administration, that he will more effective the outside than on the inside?

Now we know that is true, as Key elite GOP Senators now have ‘targets on their backs’ going into the 2018 elections, the 1st to fall, Senator Bob Corker (R-TN).

Steve Bannon is a thorn in the side of the Republican establishment, and as such is developing a brigade of like minded followers in high places.

Mr. Bannon plan is to inflict deep and meaningful pain on the elite members of the GOP in congress. And he does not care who he burns down.

People in the media are asking: Why is Steven Bannon so angry, why are the Mercers so angry, and what do they have in common?

Soon after he ankled the WH, Mr. Bannon was featured on “60 Minutes.” If you saw that piece, he was very satisfied, as he appeared a few weeks later  in Alabama, celebrating the winning insurgent Senate candidacy of Judge Roy Moore.

The reality is that Judge Moore makes Republican congressional leaders’ very uncomfortable, for now they are keenly aware that Steve Bannon signaled his fun had begun.

In Mississippi he is working to persuade Chris McDaniel to wage a Republican primary battle against Senator Roger Wicker, an incumbent up for re-election next year.

VP Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff recently urged major Republican donors to “purge” Trump-bucking lawmakers by denying them any money and instead funding Republican challengers.

Steve Bannon is not thinking Republicans Vs Democrats, he is thinking that “any disruption is a good thing; blow up the establishment.

If Steve Bannon can forge the GOP to that vision, it will be great for the Republic and very painful for   elites of both parties and the status quo will be gone.

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