Electric Buses Are Now In The Transportation Scene

Electric Buses Are Now In The Transportation Scene

Nova Bus is a leading North American transit bus manufacturer. They are proud to announce a new order for two fully electric Nova Bus LFSe vehicles by the City of Brampton. This is a part of the Canadian Consortium for Urban Transportation Research and Innovation (CUTRIC) Canada-wide Interchangeability Project.

Nova Bus LFSe (CNW Group/Nova Bus)

The announcement completes the first phase of this ambitious plan to deploy electric buses in several Canadian cities.

Nova Bus has been working with CUTRIC since 2016. They plan on integrating electric buses into public transit systems. The goal of this project is to help towns make the most of the major investments required for electric transit. Including making electric buses and manufacturers’ charging stations compatible with each other. The standardization of infrastructure and equipment gives more flexibility to transport companies. 

“This partnership confirms Nova Bus’ leading role in the Canadian electromobility market. We are very proud to be part of this program, the first of its kind in the world. This will help making Canada and its metropolitan networks, world leaders in sustainable urban transportation. We are pleased that our expertise is recognized and, above all, that we can contribute to the multiple efforts put in place with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases. While offering passengers quality, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly buses,” said Martin Larose of Nova Bus.

It should be noted that Nova Bus LFSe buses offer reduced maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions. All thanks to their electric motor system; powered by an integrated battery system. In addition, integrated systems such as doors, air-conditioning systems as well as power steering are electric.

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