Elect Donald Trump and Stop Islamic Terrorism

Elect Donald Trump and Stop Islamic Terrorism

Elect Donald Trump and Stop Islamic Terrorism

Donald Trump is the only Candidate with a hard-line policy on Islamic Terrorists.

The USA has to step up and put an end to events like San Bernadino and today’s horrific events in Orlando, Radical Islam is at war with the USA and Trump seems to be the only politician that actually cares about fixing the problem.

Almost daily in the Middle East Radical Sunni Muslims are killing Muslims and Christians alike and it must be stopped.

For 8 years Obama, with the help of Hillary Clinton has let the situation fester and now Americans are paying the price for their political correctness.

Hillary Clinton has had ample opportunity in the White House to address the issue of radical Islam, however her primary legacy was Benghazi. Ever since the September 11, 2012, attack of a United States outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans killed, questions have continued to arise over the role of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the attack — or rather, a potential failure to do anything about it.

State Department officials were criticized for denying requests for additional security at the consulate prior to the attack. In her role as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton subsequently took responsibility for the security lapses.

Donald Trump has proposed a very direct response, policy’s that will serve to protect Americans and the people suffering under authoritarian Muslim Governments.

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