Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s Campaign Manager, Aligns with Donald Trump

Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s Campaign Manager, Aligns with Donald Trump

Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s Campaign Manager, Aligns with Donald Trump

Seasoned Republican “Wizard” Ed Rollins has made his debut in Donald Trump’s Presidential bid.

Mr. Rollins, who was Ronald Reagan’s Y 1984 campaign manager, spoke on a conference call Wednesday with supporters of Great America, a super PAC that backs Donald Trump. Mr. Rollins has signed on as a strategist for the group.

Ed Rollins says the super PAC aims to help offset what he sees as a huge financial advantage for likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “They’re licking their chops,” Mr. Rollins says of Clinton’s team. “They think they’re going to win this thing.”

Great America will likely conduct polls, collect opposition research and run TV ads in the lead-up to Election Day, Mr. Rollins says.

Ben Carson, a prominent Donald Trump ally, also spoke on the call, a signal that the GOP front-runner is more accepting of outside help from groups that during the primary contest he had called “corrupt.

Wednesday afternoon John Kasich decided to suspend his campaign after he failed to convert a win in his home state primary into momentum in the GOP campaign.

The move comes a day after Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), announced that he suspended his campaign.

One of Ted Cruz’s strongest financial backers has signaled support for Mr. Trump now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee.

Mica Mosbacher wrote in an email to the AP that she is calling “on fellow conservatives to unite and support our new nominee  Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump says he is planning to accept more political contributions now that he is the Republican Party’s likely Presidential nominee, and he likely will “go the political route” in choosing a Vice Presidential running mate.

Joe Biden, kidding on the square, said Wednesday the Donald Trump should pick him for the post. Signalling the Hillary Clinton is in trouble.

Trumpeting for Trump

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