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Eco-Friendly Student Transportation Finder App


Today Gotcha announced reaching 100 e-mobility partnerships, 90% of which are exclusive, with the addition of 11 college and university systems in the last 2 weeks. This expansion further solidifies Gotcha as the leader in building sustainable micro-transit systems on campuses to help improve the daily lives of students and the environment.

Gotcha works with each college and university to build a customized partnership with their choice of mobility products, hub locations, ridership data to better improve the system, technology, and operational support. Students, faculty, and staff are able to sign up for Gotcha’s Go-Pass subscription model for monthly and annual options.

Gotcha started as a mobility-as-a-service company at Florida State University and continues to expand to college campuses across the country. Many schools are looking to e-mobility programs to address issues like parking, students with no car, and traffic congestion.  

As students continue to use on demand-travel, Gotcha’s integrated IoT technology gives riders choice and convenience by offering 4 versatile e-mobility products in one easy app. The adoption of micro-transit on college campuses has environmental, economic, and health benefits.

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Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.