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Eating These Foods Can Lead to an Early Death


The scientific world does not make eating healthy easy. There are lots conflicting reports out there but most experts do seem to agree on 1 Key fact: Some foods are linked to cancer, diabetes and even early death.

Here are 7 ‘worst offender’ foods that could lead to cancer, diabetes and even early death, as follows:

1. Burned foods. Regularly eating charred meat or burned toast can cause cancer. This has to do with certain compounds that form when foods are cooked at high temperatures.

2. Red meat. While there is no harm in eating a burger or steak every once in a while, if red meat makes a regular appearance on your plate you may be setting yourself up for a stroke, heart attack or cancer. Research suggests that a certain protein found in lamb, ham and beef can increase the risk of colon cancer. Furthermore, red meat is high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which can clog the arteries and strain the heart.

3. Sugary foods. Consuming too much refined sugar in a diet can harm your health in various ways. Diabetes is just one of the risk factors that come with eating too many sweets or drinking too many sodas. Too much sugar can increase triglycerides, which is a fat that can contribute to heart disease by building up in the arteries. Sugar can damage cells and make you more susceptible to cancer. It is also high in empty calories and can lead to obesity.

4. Processed food. Scientists have found that people who often eat over-processed foods such as pies, potato chips and pasties tend to consume more calories and gain more weight than a person who eats Real foods instead, putting them at risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

5. Sugary breakfast cereals and refined grains. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but loading up on sugary cereals could be doing more harm than good to your health. That’s because certain processed breakfast cereals, muffins and refined grains like white breads, pasta and rice contain empty calories and could also cause your blood sugar to spike. This effect could leave you feeling hungry soon after eating and reaching for a 2nd helping. These extra calories can lead to weight gain, which is linked to heart disease and cancer.

6. Alcohol. A glass or 2 is not going to do any harm but heavy drinkers could be putting themselves at risk of developing cancer. This is because alcohol irritates body tissue and makes it more likely to be damaged from carcinogens. Alcoholic drinks tend to be high in calories and can lead to weight gain and obesity.

7. Juices and sweetened drinks. It is not soda, but that glass of juice could be equally harmful to your health. Even if it is freshly squeezed fruit juice. Research suggests that, without the fiber to slow down digestion, the fructose in fruit juice can be just as harmful as refined sugar. Regularly sipping on sweetened beverages could put you at risk of diabetes, weight gain and other related health conditions.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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