Eat Right and Live Healthy, Optimize Eyesight

Eat Right and Live Healthy, Optimize Eyesight

Eat Right and Live Healthy, Optimize Eyesight

Besides eating plenty of carotenoids-rich vegetables, Organic pastured egg yolks and omega-3 and astaxanthin-rich wild Alaskan Salmon, another really important dietary aspect is to normalize your blood sugar, as excessive sugar in your blood can pull fluid from the lens of your eye, affecting your ability to focus. It can also damage the blood vessels in your retina, thereby obstructing blood flow.

To keep your blood sugar in a healthy range, avoid eating processed foods, they are packed with hidden sugars, and are also a source of trans fats, which have an adverse effect on your eye health.

Trans fats may contribute to macular degeneration by interfering with omega-3 fats in your body. Food companies have until June 2018 to remove partially hydrogenated oils, the primary source of trans fats from their processed foods.

Until then, trans fats lurk in many processed foods and baked goods, including margarine, shortening, fried foods like French fries, fried chicken, doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers.

Beware that heated vegetable oils may be just as harmful than trans fats, as very harmful oxidation products are created. This is another Key reason for avoiding processed foods and food from fast food restaurants.

Also, avoid artificial sweeteners, as vision problems are actually one of the many potential acute symptoms of aspartame poisoning.

Besides addressing your diet, exercise regularly, and be sure to optimize your Vitamin D level to optimize your eyesight.

Vitamin D is particularly important for those with genetic risk factors for ARMD (age-related macular degeneration). In one study, middle-aged women who have a high-risk genotype and are Vitamin D deficient were found to be 6.7X more likely to develop ARMD than those without this genetic risk factor who also have sufficient Vitamin D.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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